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Project Pregnancy

Stress markers in tooth cementum caused by pregnancy – A pilot study

Contact: Melanie Künzie

This study investigates irregularities in tooth cementum of women with known child birth history. As there is already proof for the influences of pregnancy on tooth cemen-tum formation, this study scrutinizes how age of women at delivery, birth spacing, and birth order correlate with irregularities in tooth cementum. The sample comprises 68 teeth of 35 women. Results of the blind study show that a correlation of pregnancies and irregularities in tooth cementum exists. Furthermore, age of women at delivery is a criterion that effects tooth cementum formation. So called “stress markers” are increased in women older than 26 years. Regarding birth spacing, the study shows that with birth intervals longer than 3 years irregular cementum formation increases. Considering birth order, no uniform pattern of both observers was identified.