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Traces of Armed Conflict

PhD Project by Felix Engel

Violence and warfare are popular fields of research in archaeology and other disciplines investigating prehistoric remains. Some sites yield striking evidence for violent behaviour on various scales. But their significance at the time is difficult to estimate, given the scarcity of information. This project evaluates to what extent the prevalence of armed conflict in prehistoric societies can be inferred from burial grounds that are not specifically known as sites of violence. Limits and opportunities in these lines of research are discussed, focussing on the Early-medieval cemetery of Lauchheim-Wasserfurche (Germany) as an examplary case study.

More Information

For more detailed information, go to the project website . Inquiries concering the project can be directed to Felix Engel. In February 2010 the project was presented on L.I.S.A. , the science platform maintained by the Gerda Henkel Foundation (the article is in German).


The project was supported by a dissertational grant from the Gerda Henkel Foundation.