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Klinik für Augenheilkunde

Arbeitsgruppe Lapp

Research focus

The cornea is the window of the eye. Various infections and congenital diseases of the cornea can lead to clouding and thus to a loss of vision. 

For many of these patients, transplantation of corneal tissue is the only possibility to regain vision. 

Within the last decade, lamellar keratoplasties have extended the surgical spectrum of corneal transplantation. For penetrating keratoplasty as well as lamellar corneal transplantation, immune-mediated corneal graft rejection remains the most common reason for graft failure. 

The goal of our research group is to better understand processes during a rejection in order to develop more targeted therapies. Our work is focused on the innate immune system.  

Principal Investigator

PD Dr. med. Benjamin Thabo Lapp, MD, FEBO



Group Members

Dr. med. Paola Kammrath Betancor, MD  

Dr. med. Tim Bleul, MD 

Mr Philip Keye, MD 

Ms Xinyu Zhuang, MD

Ms Jiaqui Fan, MD


Data scientist and scientific advisors

Prof. Dr. Daniel Böhringer, Freiburg 

Prof. Dr. Günther Schlunck, Freiburg

Dr. Julian Wolf, Freiburg

Univ.Prof. Dr. Thomas Reinhard, Freiburg 


Former group members 

Dr. rer. nat. Antonia Hildebrand



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Ernst und Berta Grimmke Stiftung

Geschwister Freter Stiftung

Gertrud Kusen Stiftung 

The Teresa Rosenbaum Golden Charitable Trust