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Tumorzentrum Freiburg - CCCF

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Werner


Institut für Klinische Pathologie
Universitätsklinikum Freiburg
Breisacher Str. 115a
79106 Freiburg
Tel.: +49 761 270 80060 (Admin. Ass.)
Fax: +49 761 270-80040

Current Positions

Director Department of Pathology, University Medical Center Freiburg  
Leader Comprehensive Cancer Center Freiburg Shared Resource Biobank (mit P. Bronsert)  
Member executive committee DKTK:  

  •     Freiburg DKTK Molecular Diagnostics     
  •     Freiburg DKTK Clinical Communication Platform (with R. Bredenkamp)

Research Focus

Pathology of Diseases  
Molecular Tumorpathology:      

  •     Solid and hematologic neoplasia   


DKTK Research Topic

Molecular Diagnostics:        

  • Predictive markers in colorectal cancer      
  • Standardized Next Generation Diagnostics for Molecular Tumor Pathology Integration of intrinsic subtyping and mutation-based classifications in breast cancer – development of standardized diagnostic approaches  

Further Ongoing Collaborative Projects:        

  • Detection of mutated, free circulating tumor DNA and noncoding RNA in plasma of patients with resectable, stage I-IIIA non-small cell lung cancer (Co-Work with Prof. Nikolas von Bubnoff)

Clinical Communication Platform:     

  • Development and implementation of biomaterial bank structures and generation of the required bioprobe collectives

Working Group Members DKTK

Dr. med. Peter Bronsert (Physician)
Dipl. Mol. Med. Anna Lena Geißler (PhD-Student)
Julia Huber (Technician)
Bettina Herde (Technician)
Dr. rer. nat. Valentina Kovaleva (PostDoc)
Markus Kühs (Technician)
Kristin Werner (Physician)

Selected Publications

Geißler A-L, Geißler M, Kottmann D, Lutz L, Fichter CD, Fritsch R, Weddeling B, Makowiec F, Werner M, Lassmann S. ATM mutations and E-cadherin expression define sensitivity to EGFR-targeted therapy in colorectal cancer. Oncotarget [Internet]. 9. Februar 2017 [zitiert 21. Februar 2017]; Verfügbar unter: www.oncotarget.com/abstract/15211

Fuellgraf H, Schilling O, Lai ZW, Kulemann B, Timme S, Makowiec F, Shahinian JH, Hoeppner J, Werner M, Hopt UT, Wellner UF, Bronsert P. The Prognostic Impact of the Carcinoembryonic Antigen in Ampullary Cancer - A Retrospective Single Center Study. Journal of Cancer. 2017;8(4):657–64. 

Enderle-Ammour K, Bader M, Ahrens TD, Franke K, Timme S, Csanadi A, Hoeppner J, Kulemann B, Maurer J, Reiss P, Schilling O, Keck T, Brabletz T, Stickeler E, Werner M, Wellner UF, Bronsert P. Form follows function: Morphological and immunohistological insights into epithelial–mesenchymal transition characteristics of tumor buds. Tumor Biology. Mai 2017;39(5):101042831770550.

van der Putten LJ, Visser NC, van de Vijver K, Santacana M, Bronsert P, Bulten J, Hirschfeld M, Colas E, Gil-Moreno A, Garcia A, Mancebo G, Alameda F, Trovik J, Kopperud RK, Huvila J, Schrauwen S, Koskas M, Walker F, Weinberger V, Minar L, Jandakova E, Snijders MP, van den Berg-van Erp S, Matias-Guiu X, Salvesen HB, Amant F, Massuger LF, Pijnenborg JM. L1CAM expression in endometrial carcinomas: an ENITEC collaboration study. British Journal of Cancer [Internet]. 9. August 2016 [zitiert 18. August 2016]; Verfügbar unter: www.nature.com/doifinder/10.1038/bjc.2016.235 

Lutz L, Fitzner IC, Ahrens T, Geißler A-L, Makowiec F, Hopt UT, Bogatyreva L, Hauschke D, Werner M, Lassmann S. Histone modifiers and marks define heterogeneous groups of colorectal carcinomas and affect responses to HDAC inhibitors in vitro. Am J Cancer Res. 2016;6(3):664–76.

Lai ZW, Bolm L, Fuellgraf H, Biniossek ML, Makowiec F, Hopt UT, Werner M, Keck T, Bausch D, Sorio C, Scarpa A, Schilling O, Bronsert P, Wellner UF. Characterization of various cell lines from different ampullary cancer subtypes and cancer associated fibroblast-mediated responses. BMC Cancer [Internet]. Dezember 2016 [zitiert 14. März 2016];16(1). Verfügbar unter: www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2407/16/195 

Weißer J, Lai ZW, Bronsert P, Kuehs M, Drendel V, Timme S, Kuesters S, Jilg CA, Wellner UF, Lassmann S, Werner M, Biniossek ML, Schilling O. Quantitative proteomic analysis of formalin–fixed, paraffin–embedded clear cell renal cell carcinoma tissue using stable isotopic dimethylation of primary amines. BMC Genomics [Internet]. Dezember 2015 [zitiert 25. August 2015];16(1). Verfügbar unter: www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2164/16/559

Krönig M, Walter M, Drendel V, Werner M, Jilg CA, Richter AS, Backofen R, McGarry D, Follo M, Schultze-Seemann W, Schüle R. Cell type specific gene expression analysis of prostate needle biopsies resolves tumor tissue heterogeneity. Oncotarget. 2014 Dec 1. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25514598.Bronsert P, Enderle-Ammour K, Bader M, Timme S, Kuehs M, Csanadi A, Kayser G,  Kohler I, Bausch D, Hoeppner J, Hopt U, Keck T, Stickeler E, Passlick B, Schilling O, Reiss C, Vashist Y, Brabletz T, Berger J, Lotz J, Olesch J, Werner M, Wellner U. Cancer cell invasion and EMT marker expression: a three-dimensional study of the human cancer-host interface. J Pathol. 2014 Nov;234(3):410-22.Haug S, Schnerch D, Halbach S, Mastroianni J, Dumit VI, Follo M, Hasenburg A, Köhler M, Dierbach H, Herzog S, Proske A, Werner M, Dengjel J, Brummer T, Laßmann S, Wäsch R, Zeiser R. Metadherin exon 11 skipping variant enhances metastatic spread of ovarian cancer. Int J Cancer. 2014 Oct 25. doi: 10.1002/ijc.29289. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25346496.Rylova SN, Barnucz E, Fani M, Braun F, Werner M, Lassmann S, Maecke HR, Weber WA. Does Imaging αvβ3 Integrin Expression with PET Detect Changes in Angiogenesis During Bevacizumab Therapy? J Nucl Med. 2014 Nov;55(11):1878-84.Strohmeier O, Lassmann S , Riedel B, Mark D, Roth G, Werner M, Zengerle R, von Stetten F. (2013) Multiplex genotyping of KRAS point mutations in tumorcell DNA by allele-specific real-time PCR on a centrifugal microfluidic disk segment. Microchim Acta (2014) 181:1681–1688 DOI 10.1007/s00604-013-1099-zFichter CD, Gudernatsch V, Przypadlo CM, Follo M, Schmidt G, Werner M, Lassmann S. ErbB targeting inhibitors repress cell migration of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma cells by distinct signaling pathways.  J Mol Med (Berl). 2014 Aug 6. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25091467.Bronsert P, Weißer J, Biniossek ML, Kuehs M, Mayer B, Drendel V, Timme S, Shahinian H, Küsters S, Wellner UF, Lassmann S, Werner M, Schilling O. Impact of  routinely employed procedures for tissue processing on the proteomic analysis of  formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue. Proteomics Clin Appl. 2014 Oct;8(9-10):796-804Haller F, Zhang JD, Moskalev EA, Braun A, Otto C, Geddert H, Riazalhosseini Y, Ward A, Balwierz A, Schaefer IM, Cameron S, Ghadimi BM, Agaimy A, Fletcher JA, Hoheisel J, Hartmann A, Werner M, Wiemann S, Sahin O. Combined DNA methylation and gene expression profiling in gastrointestinal stromal tumors reveals hypomethylation of SPP1 as an independent prognostic factor. Int J Cancer. 2014 Jul 21. doi: 10.1002/ijc.29088. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25046773.Bronsert P, Kohler I, Timme S, Kiefer S, Werner M, Schilling O, Vashist Y, Makowiec F, Brabletz T, Hopt UT, Bausch D, Kulemann B, Keck T, Wellner UF. Prognostic significance of Zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 1 (ZEB1) expression in cancer cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts in pancreatic head cancer. Surgery. 2014 Jul;156(1):97-108.Ahrens TD, Werner M, Lassmann S. Epigenetics in esophageal cancers. Cell Tissue Res. 2014 Jun;356(3):643-55. doi: 10.1007/s00441-014-1876-y. Epub 2014 May 10. PubMed PMID: 24816987.Jägle S, Rönsch K, Timme S, Andrlová H, Bertrand M, Jäger M, Proske A, Schrempp M, Yousaf A, Michoel T, Zeiser R, Werner M, Lassmann S, Hecht A. Silencing of the EPHB3 tumor-suppressor gene in human colorectal cancer through decommissioning of a transcriptional enhancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Apr 1;111(13):4886-91.

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