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Tumorzentrum Freiburg - CCCF

Prof. Roland Schüle, PhD


Department of Urology
Head of Center for Clinical Research,
University Freiburg Medical Center
Breisacherstraße 66
D-79106 Freiburg
Tel: +49 (761) 270 63100

Current Positions:

Full Professor and Scientific Director
Head of Center for Clinical Research
Medical Center University of Freiburg
Department of Urology
Speaker of the CRC 992 Medical Epigenetics
Member executive committee DKTK

Research Focus:

LSD1 Regulation

Enzym lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) is a gatekeeper for differentiation onset of embryonic mouse stem cells which acts by demethylation of histones. (Lsd1) removes the methyl group from the amino acid lysine in histones and is a key regulator of stem cells
Lsd1 regulates two functions in cell genesis, the ability to migrate and to correctly differentiate.
Prof. Schüles working group is specifically focused on finding out whether this is due to the removal of methyl groups from the chromatin or more likely due to the lack of demethylation. The group aims to obtain detailed information about the role of LSD1 by specifically looking at the dysregulation of it. As overexpression of LSD1 leads to the development of prostate and lung tumours in old mice the researchers will focus on finding out why this happens.

  • Basic epigenetic mechanisms in cellular assays and explorative mouse models
  • Validation of epigenetic control in animal models of disease
  • Transfer of epigenetic principles to clinical applications

CRC 992, Principal Investigator Project B01: The epigenetic regulator LSD1 controls tumorgenesis

CRC 850, Project B3: Migration and invasion policed by the histone demethylase LSD1
Member of the BIOSS Centre for Biological Signaling Studies

DKTK Research Topics

  • Epigenetics/histone modifications
  • Inhibitors of histone code reader proteins
  • LACID: LSD1 as anticancer target in the clinic (TRANSATRA) and in drug discovery

DKTK Research Platform Drug Development:

LSD1 inhibitors as new anticancer agents

Working Group Members DKTK:

Dr. Eric Metzger   
Thomas Günther



DKTK Publications:

Wagner T, Greschik H, Burgahn T, Schmidtkunz K, Schott A-K, McMillan J, Baranauskienė L, Xiong Y, Fedorov O, Jin J, Oppermann U, Matulis D, Schüle R, Jung M. Identification of a small-molecule ligand of the epigenetic reader protein Spindlin1 via a versatile screening platform. Nucleic Acids Research. 17. Februar 2016;gkw089. 

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