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Tumorzentrum Freiburg - CCCF

DKTK Programs and Platforms

Exploitation of Oncogenic Mechanisms

The research program Exploitation of Oncogenic Mechanisms aims to identify common oncogenic networks among different cancer entities. Clinical features in molecular terms should allow the development of novel diagnostic markers as well as novel prognostic and predictive markers. Newest molecular biological and bioinformatics technologies as well as in vivo models allow to detect which genes and proteins are active and which are turned off during tumor development, and how these molecular differentiations influence the course of the disease and the course of the therapy. Proceed to Exploitation of Oncogenic Mechanisms to read more about Freiburg's activities.

Radiation Oncology and Imaging

Modern radiotherapy provides researchers with dose-space/volume-time resoluted data of individual patients which, if integrated with detailed clinical baseline and outcome data, is a powerful research tool to evaluate dose-space/volume-time responses in tumors and normal tissues. Predictive models derived from these evaluations can be translated into innovative studies on personalized radiotherapy to reduce treatment sequels or increase the chance to locally control tumor. Please check out Freiburgs role in the program Radiation Oncology and Imaging.

Molecular Diagnostics, Early Detection and Biomarker Development

The program Molecular Diagnostics, Early Detection, and Biomarker Development is dedicated to the discovery of novel diagnostic, prognostic and predictive molecular markers, the development of approaches for cancer prevention, and the translation of these findings into robust biomarkers to improve the clinical management of cancer patients. Please proceed to the different contributions of the partner site Freiburg.

Molecularly Targeted Therapies

The aim of the program Molecularly Targeted Therapy is to produce the data packages that are required to plan and conduct molecularly informed clinical studies based on the best possible evidence from preclinical research and on reverse translation of insights derived from studying patients treated with molecularly targeted therapies. Find out more information about the focus Freiburg sets in Molecularly Targeted Therapies (MTT)

Cancer Immunotherapy

The overall long-term aim of this program is to cure cancer by immune reactions. A breakthrough was achieved only a few years ago with the introduction of checkpoint-inhibitory antibodies. These unblock therapeutic T cell responses against neoantigens such as Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA). HLA-presented mutations are recognizable by T cells that arise due to neoantigen encoding mutations in the tumor.

Clinical Communication Platform (CCP)/ Klinische Kommunikationsplattform

The Clinical Communication Platform (CCP) integrates clinical data and information on available biological material across all DKTK consortium’s sites and further Comprehensive Cancer Centers. The clinical data is primarily based on existing tumor documentation at the locations. Clinical researchers of DKTK sites and cooperating partners can use this infrastructure to evaluate, how many patients meet specific criteria for a research project or a clinical trial, if biological samples are available or to find answers to research questions.

The CCP structures in Freiburg are shown here

For more information about the CCP please visit the DKTK-website  

Cancer Genome Sequencing and Proteome Analyses Platform (CGP)

The CGP Platform is subdivided into the Cancer Genome Sequencing Platform (CGSP) and Cancer Proteome Analysis Platform (CPAP). The CGSP provides an efficient infrastructure for large-scale cancer genome sequencing to create harmonized procedures and common standards for sequencing-based diagnostics within the DKTK. The CPAP combines the specific expertise in quantification of gene/protein/microRNA expression control, the NFkB pathway and the ubiquitinome secretome profiling, biomarker discovery, FFPE tissue analysis and tumor proteome profiling in a decentralized fashion to take advantage of the specific expertise and equipment at each DKTK partner site.