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ECOTROS / The European Cooperation in Occupational Therapy Research and Occupational Science


The European Cooperation in Occupational Therapy Research and Occupational Science (ECOTROS) is composed of a growing international group of more than 300 occupational therapists. ECOTROS co-operates with ENOTHE, the EU-funded European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education and aims to develop greater collaboration with COTEC, the Council of European Therapists for the European Countries. Together, these three groups will enable the very important collaboration of research, education and practice. ECOTROS provides information on researchers and research activities within Europe.

Further information

ECOTROS project group

Our understanding of Research in Occupational Therapy

Research in the area of occupational therapy has a broad concept in order to facilitate the development of the profession. The research has been in areas such as occupational function and well being, activities and participation. There has also been much interest in societal aspects (environment) and life satisfaction as well as in educational and professional issues. Different scientific inputs are used: e.g. occupational science, medicine, education, psychology, philosophy and sociology.

Research can focus on areas important for occupational therapy by occupational therapists who are researchers. Occupational therapists, being a part of a research team led by an OT researcher or other professional researcher, are very necessary for research in our profession.

This description can be discussed and developed further.

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Idea of an European research agenda

Download the results of ECOTROS workshops on a European research agenda at the European Congress of Occupational Therapy in Hamburg in May 2008 and at a special Sience Day at the ENOTHE conference in Berlin in September 2008, organised by the ECOTROS project group of ENOTHE and ISOS (International Association in Occupational Science).

Participation in ECOTROS

You may contribute as member of the ECOTROS mailing list, as Partner, as National Contact Person or as Working Member.

ECOTROS partners are persons, groups and institutions, who want to continuously encourage their therapists, researchers, students or cooperation partners for an active participation in ECOTROS.

ECOTROS national contact persons are responsible for the dissemination of ECOTROS information to national occupational therapy associations or representatives as well as for the provision of relevant national information to be disseminated via ECOTROS.

ECOTROS working members support the ECOTROS project group in their ordinary work (List of possible tasks).

List of ECOTROS working members

 List of ECOTROS partners

  • COTEC, Council of Occupational Therapists for the European Countries
  • European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy
  • European network of Occupational Therapist working with Parkinson's disease" (ENOTPD), Jelka Jansa, MScOT
  • German Association of Occupational Therapists
  • Swiss Association of Occupational TherapistsZuyd University Heerlen, Mieke le Granse MScOT
  • University of applied Science Osnabrück, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Fischer
  • Europa Fachhochschule Fresenius Idstein, University of applied Science, Prof. Pip Higman
  • University of Applied Science and Arts Hildesheim, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Marotzki
  • University of Applied Science Bielefeld, Dipl. Päd. Ursula Walkenhorst
  • Alice-Salomon Fachhochschule, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Prof. Dr. Elke Kraus
  • Karolinska Institut, Stockholm, Prof. Dr. Hans Jonsson

List of ECOTROS national contact persons