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Freiburg Epilepsy CenterDepartment of Neurosurgery

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Out-patient Clinic

The out-patient clinic of the Epilepsy Centre is open to patients seeking diagnostic clarification about the presence of epilepsy or, based on differential-diagnostic considerations, other neurological, psychiatric or internistic illnesses. This service is supported by the availability at this centre of 24-hour out-patient ambulatory monitoring with mobile long-term-EEG-registration (MLE). Further clarification entails classification of the epilepsy, consultation about optimising pharmacotherapy or about combining this with additional treatment using vagus nerve stimulation. In the out-patient clinic, patients requiring additional diagnostic evaluation are screened and invited to consultation in order to determine whether treatment by means of epilepsy surgery is feasible and advisable. In the event of surgical treatment being considered, out-patient and in-patient appointments are scheduled. The out-patient epilepsy clinic also provides patients with peri- and postsurgical care. In all questions concerning everyday aspects of epilepsy (driving licence, pregnancy, work, etc.) we support our patients in an advisory capacity. 

The treatment of epilepsy takes a three-pronged approach: 1. Medical treatment that in addition to first- and second-line anticonvulsant medications includes treatment with new medications that are still undergoing evaluation (in so-called clinical trials). 2. Should medication prove insufficient in controlling seizures vagal nerve stimulation can be commenced as an adjunct treatment to the ongoing medication. 3. Operative therapy has the aim of surgically removing the origin of the seizures in the brain, that is, the epileptogenic zone. These therapeutic measures can be carried out only when 1. treatment of epilepsy with anticonvulsants has been unsuccessful (proof of pharmaco-resistance) and 2. the necessary diagnostics based on high resolution imaging (MRT), functional imaging (PET, SPECT, f-MRT), neuropsychology, and EEG-diagnosis with recordings of seizures and with simultaneous registration of EEG and video data show without doubt which area of the brain is responsible for the epileptic seizure.


Flyer 'Ambulanzen der Klinik für Neurochirurgie'

Flyer "Ambulances Department of Neurosurgery" (pdf file, in German)

Making an appointment:

By telephone to the reception of the Epilepsy Centre:
Mrs. F. Krissmann
Mo. - Fr. 8:30 -16:00
Phone: +49(0)761/ 270 53660
Fax: +49(0)761/ 270 50030

Appointments for a medical opinion from a traffic medicine expert can be made here at the secretary’s office.

2. Hours:

Adults: Every Monday to Friday between 8:30 - 14:00  

Children: by arrangement

3. Letter of referral:

The referral may be made by the family doctor or the treating neurologist.

4. Location:

Breisacher Str. 64,
79 106 Freiburg

Out-patient Clinic for adults  
EG, Zi. 325 und Zi. 326

Out-patient Clinic for children

HG, Zi. 265

Out-patient Clinic for patients with private health insurance:
HG, Zi. 354

5. Out-patient doctors for adults and children:

Dr. Martin Hirsch.

6. General procedure:

After receiving your appointment by telephone we will ask you to send the following documents to arrive before the appointment: 

  • Medical history summary for Patients (see below!)
  • Previous doctor’s reports 
  • Laboratory findings 
  • CT and MRI reports 

Please bring with you your letter of referral and, if available, films from the MRI scan of the head. On arrival, please check in for your appointment at the reception in the entrance hall of the Neurocentre. From here you will be lead to the examining doctor.

Before the consultation with the doctor all new patients give a blood sample and undergo a surface EEG with hyperventilation and flicker light provocation. You will then be seen by a specialist who will ask you questions and examine you in order to then discuss with you further diagnostic and therapeutic measures. The results of the consultation will be summarised in a physician’s letter and sent to you and your treating doctor.   

Medical history summary for patients:

Dear Patient,
You will soon have your first appointment in our out-patient clinic. The purpose of this visit is to enable us to get to know you and to document your medical history. You will be asked many questions for which we would like to help you prepare with the following questionnaire. By sending this questionnaire together with other reported findings already in your possession before your appointment you will make our work easier and enable us to advise you accordingly.

Please try to answer the questions as well as you can. If there is a question or questions that you do not understand or for which you do not have the necessary information simply leave them unanswered.

Patientquestionnaire for adults:


Patientquestionnaire for children:


We thank you for your trouble and look forward to meeting you personally in the out-patient clinic! If you have any questions, please make a note of them so that they can be discussed at your appointment!

Many thanks!

Freiburg Epilepsy Center

- Epilepsy Center

Medical Director:
Prof. Dr. Schulze-Bonhage

Breisacher Str. 64
D-79106 Freiburg

Phone: +49 761 270 53660
Fax: +49 761 270 50030

Medical Service (IMS)

Robert-Koch-Str. 1
79106 Freiburg

Phone: +49 761 / 27 01 93 06 (English)
+49 761 / 27 08 4710 (по-русски)
Fax: +49 761 / 27 01 93 10