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EuCC - European Cancer Center

Cancéropôle du Grand-Est - Partner of the EuCC

Strengthen the Cooperation with French Research Institutes

The EuCC partners aim to intensify the clinical research across the borders of three countries. In 2014 the French partners suggested a joint action with the Cancéropôle du Grand-Est. Following the French cancer plan seven cancéropôles were created in France including the Cancéropôle du Grand-Est. The cancéropôles are implementing the National cancer plan at the regional level. Canceropôles aim to improve coordination and facilitatate innovative approaches in oncology by bringing together research institutions (CNRS, INSERM, CEA), university hospitals, cancer centers and biotech company.

The Cancéropôle is an instrument to transfer fundamental research results into clinical units and therefore aims to  foster the movement from the theory to the practice to enable patients getting a benefit from novel and highly innovative therapies that are applicable for rapid cancer treatment.

The area of the Cancéropôle du Grand-Est is located at the border to Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. The Cancéropôle du Grand-Est has for ambition to develop crossborder actions between its territories and its neighbors.