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Experimental Epilepsy ResearchDepartment of Neurosurgery

Susanne Tulke, M. Sc.

PhD student

  • Research interests and techniques

Role of the hippocampal CA2 region in temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE)

Neurotrophic factors in epilepsy

Intrahippocampal kainate mouse model for TLE

Organotypic hippocampal slice cultures

Viral tracing

Immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization


Tulke S, Haas CA, Häussler U (2019) Expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and structural plasticity in the dentate gyrus and CA2 region correlate with epileptiform activity. Epilepsia 60:1234-1247.(access to article)

Tulke S, Williams P, Hellysaz A, Ilegems E, Wendel M, Broberger C. (2016) Nucleobindin (NUCB1) is a Golgi-resident marker of neurons. Neuroscience 314:179-88. (access to article)

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