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Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics (IMBI)

WG Research Data Management

The WG Research Data Management is a group of several IMBI divisions, that bundles activities from the Medical Faculty of the University of Freiburg and several Collaborative Research Centers (CRCs). 

The WG is connected to the IMBI division  Medical Data Science in close coordination with the Data Integration Center of the Medical Center (currently in development at the Projekt Miracum).

Grant-aided projects:

  • Implementation of  Research Data Management for the Medical Faculty at the University of Freiburg (Start 2020, 3 years). Contact: Service for Researchers.

Participation Collaborative Research Center:

  • Infrastructure Project (INF) at CRC 1425 "The heterocellular nature of cardiac lesions: Identities, interactions, implications" (Start 2020, 4 years, press release)
  • Infrastructure Project (INF) at CRC 1453 "Nephrogenetik (NephGen)" (Start 2021, 4 years, press release)
  • Infrastructure Project (INF) at CRC 1479 "OncoEscape – Oncogenically Driven Immune Escape" (Start 2021, 4 years, press release)


Prof. Dr. Harald Binder



Institut Director IMBI, Management of division Knowledge Discovery and Synthesis

Jochen Knaus

Lead WG, Conception


Computer Scientist

Head of Division Admin&IT

Dr. Daniela Zöller




Management division MDS, division KDS

Birger Brunswiek

Software development

Computer scientist


Division Admin&IT

Urs A. Fichtner

Research Associates



Division SEVERA

Laura Kahle

Software development


Neurobiologist, physicist

Division Admin&IT

Patric Tippmann

Software development


Computer Scientist

Division MDS

Manuel Watter

Software development


Computer scientist

Division Admin/IT