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Institut für Medizinische Biometrie
und Statistik (IMBI)

STRengthening Analytical Thinking for Observational Studies - Neue Entwicklungen der STRATOS Initiative

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Willi Sauerbrei
Beginn: Dienstag, 12.05.2020
Ende: Dienstag, 28.07.2020
Uhrzeit: 14.00 - 15.30 Uhr
Ort: Besprechungsraum IMBI - Hebelstrasse 11
VLVZ: 04LE58S-IMBI-Stratos-FA
Teilnahme nur nach persönlicher Anmeldung an Willi Sauerbrei


The validity and practical utility of observational medical research depends critically on good study design, excellent data quality, appropriate statistical methods and accurate interpretation of results. Statistical methodology has seen substantial development in recent times. Unfortunately, many of recent methodological developments are ignored in practice. Consequently, design and analysis of observational studies often exhibit serious weaknesses. The lack of guidance on vital practical issues discourages many applied researchers from using more sophisticated and possibly more appropriate methods when analyzing observational studies. Furthermore, many analyses are conducted by researchers with a relatively weak statistical background and limited experience in using statistical methodology and software. Consequently, analyses reported in the medical literature are often flawed, casting doubt on their results and conclusions. An efficient way to help researchers to keep up with recent methodological developments is to develop guidance documents which is spread to the research community at large. This is the main aim of the recently founded STRATOS initiative (http://www.stratos-initiative.org/).

In the seminar we will discuss recent developments with an emphasize on issues of topic group 2 ‘Selection of variables and functional forms in multivariable analysis’. The seminar is aimed at students and researchers which are involved in analyzing observational studies.