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The Institute for Immunodeficiency of the University Medical Center of Freiburg (AG Prof. Stephan Ehl) is searching for a

Post-Doc (Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine) (m/f/d)

We study T cell immunity starting from patients with genetic defects of the immune system who offer a unique opportunity to understand human immunology. Such patients present with severe or unusual infections and/or with manifestations of impaired immune regulation such as autoimmunity, lymphoproliferation or autoinflammation. We focus on defects of T cell activation, effector function and homeostasis (www.uniklinik-freiburg.de/cci/forschung/stephan-ehl/forschungsgebiete.html). We want to understand the cellular and molecular basis of these immunodeficiencies, discover and characterize novel genetic defects and apply this knowledge to improve diagnostics and therapy (e.g. Maccari JExpMed 2021, Gross JACI 2021, Castro JExpMed 2020, Kury EBiomedicine 2020).
You will work in a team with experienced basic and physician scientists in projects of T cell immunology related to disorders of JAK-STAT signaling. Work with patient cohorts and collaboration with our Advanced Diagnostic Unit will offer interesting insights into the clinical implications of immunological research. Some projects are complemented by studies in corresponding mouse models. A growing number of methods are applied including flow cytometry, CyTOF, (sc)RNAseq, TCR deep sequencing, cloning, retroviral transductions and microscopy. Knowledge in immunology, molecular biology and interest in bioinformatics is advantageous, expertise in protein structure modelling, ATAC-seq, Chip-seq is also appreciated.
The job offer is temporary for 2 years.

If you are interested, please send us your full application by 31st January 2022.

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have:

Dr. Anne Rensing-Ehl