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Klinik für Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie und Psychosomatik im Kindes- und Jugendalter

ESSEM 2014

(European Summer School on Eye Movements)

We are pleased to announce the European Summer School on Eye Movements (ESSEM), funded by the Boehringer-Ingelheim-Stiftung and organised by Christoph Klein (Freiburg/Bangor) and Ulrich Ettinger (Bonn). ESSEM 2014 will be held at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of the University of Freiburg, Germany, from 8th to 13th September 2014.

ESSEM brings together internationally renowned researchers to teach students in the theories, neural bases, experimental designs and statistical analysis of eye movements studies in basic science as well as applied settings.

Participants are expected to present a poster of a study they have carried out (not necessarily involving oculographic methods) on the first day of ESSEM.

For further information please contact essem2014@uniklinik-freiburg.de.


Venue for ESSEM 2014 is the "Institut für Biologie I" Hauptstrasse 1 (http://www.bio1.uni-freiburg.de). Registration for ESSEM begins Monday morning at 8:15, welcome address is at 8:45.


List of Speakers

  • Giuseppe Boccignone (Italy)
  • Angelika Böck (Germany)
  • Brett Clementz (USA)
  • Olaf Dimigen (Germany)
  • Ulrich Ettinger (Germany)
  • Stefan Everling (Canada)
  • Tom Foulsham (UK)
  • Mark Greenlee (Germany)
  • Sam Hutton (UK)
  • Jukka Hyönä (Finland)
  • Alan Kingstone (Canada)
  • Christoph Klein (Germany/UK)
  • Bruno Laeng (Norway)
  • Rebekka Lencer (Germany)
  • Jan-Bernard Marsman (NL)
  • Susana Martinez-Conde (USA)
  • Jennifer McDowell (USA)
  • René Müri (Switzerland)
  • Nadine Petrovsky (Germany)
  • Pierre Pouget (France)
  • Robert Rafal (UK)
  • Nikolaos Smyrnis (Greece)
  • Peter Trillenberg (Germany)

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