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Department of Radiology - Medical Physics

Burak Akin

Medical Physics
Department of Radiology
Killianstrasse 5a
79106 Freiburg

Tel.: +49 761 270 93730
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Journal Papers


Journal papers

  • Akin B, Lee HL, Hennig J, LeVan P. Enhanced subject specific Resting State Network detection and extraction by using MREG (In preparation)
  • Akin B., Ozdem C., Eroglu S., Keskin D.T., Fang F., Doerschner K., Kersten D. and Boyaci H. Attention modulates neuronal correlates of interhemispheric integration and global motion perception. Journal of Vision 2014. (in press) 

  • Algin O, Akin B, Ocakoglu G, Ozmen E, Fully-Automated Morphological Analysis of Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Turk Med J.Sci 2014(In Review)
  • Eryaman Y, Akin B and Atalar E, Reduction of implant RF heating through modification of transmit coil electric field. in Magn Reson Med 2011, 65:1305--1313.

Conference Abstracts

  • B. Akin, AC. Oezen Microstrip Array Insert for Head Coils: Towards Layer fMRI at High Fields ISMRM Montreal,Canada 2019
  • P.S.Ozbay, L. Kasper B. Akin, K.Pruessmann, D.Nanz, Correlation and frequency based analyses between functional QSM and fMRI ISMRM Montreal,Canada 2019 
  • B. Akin, J.Hennig, P.Levan Dynamic functional connectivity reveals altered subnetwork interaction within default-mode network hubs RSBC Montreal,Canada 2019 
  • S.Zhang, B.Akin, J.Hennig, P.Levan Focal post-stimulation hippocampi ripple activity in simultaneous mice electrophysiological and fMRI OHBM Singapore 2018
  • D.Huang, B. Akin, J.Hennig, P.Levan Fine scale understanding of microstates in simultaneous EEG-fMRI study OHBM Singapore 2018
  • AC. Oezen, B. Akin, M.Bock Concurrent Excitation and Acquisition for the Ultimate MRI Experience: Silent, Implant Friendly, Nearly 100% Efficient ISMRM Paris France 2018
  • B. Akin, C.Beers, I.Gaxiola, D.Pittman J.Hennig, P.Federico, P.Levan Identification of reliably active epileptogenic areas in response to interictal discharges recorded with simultaneous iEEG-fMRI OHBM Vancouver,Canada 2017

  • W.Yang B. Akin, F.Wang , J.Hennig, P.Levan Revealing the high frequency brain networks with multiband multi-echo fMRI data ISMRM Honolulu,Hawaii 2017

  • C.Lennartz B. Akin, J.Hennig, P.Levan A model-free approach for HRF estimation from resting state fMRI data OHBM Vancouver,Canada 2017

  • D.Huang, B. Akin, J.Hennig, P.Levan Investigation of localized resting-state signatures of instantaneous focal background EEG activity OHBM Geneva Switzerland 2016

  • C.Arand, J.Schiefer, S.Rotter, B. Akin, J.Hennig, P.Levan Covariance-based estimation of cerebral effective connectivity from fast BOLD-fMRI OHBM Geneva Switzerland 2016

  • B. Akin, JG. Korvink, J.Hennig, P.Levan Dynamic functional connectivity reveals consistent transient resting-state network interactions OHBM Geneva Switzerland 2016

  • C.Kimmig, J.Jacobs, B. Akin, L.Frings, P.Meyer, A.Schulze-Bonhage, J.Hennig, P.Levan Resting-state fMRI detects hypometabolic brain areas in therapy-refractory focal epilepsy patients OHBM Geneva Switzerland 2016

  • B. Akin, J.Jacobs, JG. Korvink, A.Schulze-Bonhage, J.Hennig, P.Levan Simultaneous EEG-fMRI of cerebral network activity preceding absence seizures OHBM Honolulu,Hawaii 2015

  • M.Atagun ,B. Akin, O.Algin, E.Sikoglu, S.Can, S.Ulusoy-Kaymak, A.Caykoylu, C.Moore M.Philips, D.Ongur, Volumes and functional connectivity of auditory cortices in Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder OHBM Honolulu,Hawaii 2015

  • N.Schwaderlapp, B. Akin, A.Dreßing, R.Umarova, L.Beume, C.Schmidt, M.Hören, C.Kaller, JG. Korvink, K.Egger, H.Urbach, C.Weiller, J.Hennig, P.Levan , Dynamic resting-state fMRI connectivity reflects behavioral measures in stroke patients OHBM Honolulu,Hawaii 2015

  • P.S.Ozbay, C.Rossi, G.Warnock, F.Kuhn, B. Akin, K.Pruessmann, D.Nanz, Independent Component Analysis(ICA) of functional QSM ISMRM Toronto,Canada 2015

  • B.Akin, H.Lee, J.Hennig, P.Levan Tracking instantaneous connectivity changes related to single-trial activation using ultra-fast fMRI OHBM Hamburg,Germany 2014 

  • B.Akin, H.Lee, N.Beck, J.Hennig, P.Levan Ultra-fast fMRI using MREG improves subject specific extraction of Resting State Networks ISMRM-ESMRMB Milan, Italy 2014

  • B. Akin, Z. Basgoze, D. Gokcay, An exploratory study on default mode network's time course analysis OHBM Seattle,USA 2013

  • V. Acikel, O. Ulutan, A. Ozen, B. Akin, Y. Eryaman and E. Atalar, A Novel MRI Based Electrical Properties Measurement Technique, ISMRM, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2013

  • B. Akin, H.Bolay , D. Gokcay Preliminary Results from Analysis of Default Mode Network Connectivity in Migraine Patients ESMRMB Lisbon,Portugal 2012

  • A.Has, B.Akin, Irsel Tezer S. Saygi  K.Oguz Impact of Generalized Seizures on Hippocampal Sclerosis Associated White Matter Changes  Assessed by Diffusion Tensor Imaging - Tract-Based-Spatial-Statistics ESMRMB Lisbon,Portugal 2012

  • E. Kopanoglu, U. Yilmaz, B. Akin, V. Acikel and E. Atalar. Localizing the excitation to reduce scan time using nonlinear gradient fields, Proc. ISMRM. 20, Melbourne, Australia, 2012.

  • B.Akin, O. Algin, H. Arslan, E. Atalar; Morphological assessment of patients with obstructive sleep apnea  ESMRMB, Leipzig, Germany, 2011

  • T. Demir, L. DeLaBarre, B. Akin, G. Adriany, K. Ugurbil and E. Atalar, Optical Transmission System for High Field Systems, ISMRM, Montreal, Canada, 2011

  • E. Kopanoglu, B.Akin, V. B. Erturk and E. Atalar, SAR Reduction using Nonlinear Gradients, ISMRM, Montreal, Canada, 2011

  • Y. Eryaman, B. Akin, C. Oto, O. Algin and E. Atalar, Reduction of RF Heating of Metallic Devices by Using a Two-Channel Transmit Array System: Application to Arbitrary Lead Geometries. ISMRM, Montreal, Canada, 2011

  • O. Algin, B. Akin, H. Arslan and E. Atalar, Morphological Assessment of Patients with Obstractive Sleep Apnea, ESMRMB, Leipzig, Germany, 2011

  • Celik H, Gulnerman MD, B.Akin, Atalar E, Inductively Coupled Birdcage Coil. In: Proceedings of the 18th Annual Meeting of ISMRM, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010 (Abstract 3901)

  • Celik H, Sengezer N, B.Akin, Gulnerman MD, Insal BC, Kesre C, E. Atalar, Safe Deep Brain Stimulator MR Imaging Experiments Using Fiber Optic Current Monitoring Feedback System. In: Proceedings of the 18th Annual Meeting of ISMRM, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010 (Abstract 3897)

  • V. Acikel, B.Akin, I. Mahcicek, E. Atalar, Prediction of Implant Tip Heating Using Modified Transmission Line Method (MoTLiM) under MRI In: Proceedings of the 18th Annual Meeting of ISMRM, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010

  • H. Celik, B. Insal, V Acikel, B.Akin, S. Olcum, O. Erturk and E. Atalar, Safe MRI setup for deep brain stimulator: in vivo experiment, ESMRMB, Antalya, Turkey, 2009

  • Y. Eryaman, H. Celik, B.Akin and E. Atalar, Reduction of Implant RF Heating by Modification of Electric Field Distribution, ISMRM, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2009

  • B.Akin ,Eryaman Y.Atalar E. A method for phantom conductivity and permittivity measurements , ESMRMB Antalya,Turkey 2009

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