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Prof. Dr. Dominik von Elverfeldt

Medical Physics
Department of Radiology
University Medical Center Freiburg

Killianstrasse 5a
79106 Freiburg

Tel.: +49 761 270 38320
Fax: +49 761 270 38310

  • Preclinical research on rodents
  • Molecular Imaging
  • Functionalised iron oxide particles
  • 31P MRS on renal grafts

Selected Journal papers

  • Mechling, A.E., Hübner, N.S., Lee, H.-L., Hennig, J., von Elverfeldt, D., and Harsan, L.-A. (2014). "Fine-grained mapping of mouse brain functional connectivity with resting-state fMRI." Neuroimage 96, 203–215.
  • Hövener, J.-B., Knecht, S., Schwaderlapp, N., Hennig, J., and von Elverfeldt, D. (2014). "Continuous re-hyperpolarization of nuclear spins using parahydrogen: theory and experiment." Chemphyschem 15, 2451–2457.
  • von Elverfeldt, D., Maier, A., Duerschmied, D., Braig, M., Witsch, T., Wang, X., Mauler, M., Neudorfer, I., Menza, M., Idzko, M., et al. (2014). "Dual-contrast molecular imaging allows noninvasive characterization of myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury after coronary vessel occlusion in mice by magnetic resonance imaging." Circulation 130, 676–687.
  • Hövener, J.-B., Schwaderlapp, N., Lickert, T., Duckett, S.B., Mewis, R.E., Highton, L.A.R., Kenny, S.M., Green, G.G.R., Leibfritz, D., Korvink, J.G., et al. (2013). "A hyperpolarized equilibrium for magnetic resonance." Nat Commun 4, 2946.
  • von Elverfeldt, D., von zur Muhlen, C., Wiens, K., Neudorfer, I., Zirlik, A., Meissner, M., Tilly, P., Charles, A.-L., Bode, C., Peter, K., et al. (2012). "In vivo detection of activated platelets allows characterizing rupture of atherosclerotic plaques with molecular magnetic resonance imaging in mice." PLoS ONE 7, e45008.
  • Harsan, L.-A., Paul, D., Schnell, S., Kreher, B.W., Hennig, J., Staiger, J.F., and von Elverfeldt, D. (2010). "In vivo diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging and fiber tracking of the mouse brain." NMR Biomed 23, 884–896.
  • von zur Muhlen, C.*, von Elverfeldt, D.*, Moeller, J.A., Choudhury, R.P., Paul, D., Hagemeyer, C.E., Olschewski, M., Becker, A., Neudorfer, I., Bassler, N., et al. (2008). "Magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent targeted toward activated platelets allows in vivo detection of thrombosis and monitoring of thrombolysis." Circulation 118, 258–267.