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Department of Radiology - Medical Physics

Dominik Elverfeldt

  • Preclinical research on rodents
  • Molecular Imaging
  • Functionalised iron oxide particles
  • 31P MRS on renal grafts

Selected Journal papers

  • Mechling, A.E., Hübner, N.S., Lee, H.-L., Hennig, J., von Elverfeldt, D., and Harsan, L.-A. (2014). "Fine-grained mapping of mouse brain functional connectivity with resting-state fMRI." Neuroimage 96, 203–215.
  • Hövener, J.-B., Knecht, S., Schwaderlapp, N., Hennig, J., and von Elverfeldt, D. (2014). "Continuous re-hyperpolarization of nuclear spins using parahydrogen: theory and experiment." Chemphyschem 15, 2451–2457.
  • von Elverfeldt, D., Maier, A., Duerschmied, D., Braig, M., Witsch, T., Wang, X., Mauler, M., Neudorfer, I., Menza, M., Idzko, M., et al. (2014). "Dual-contrast molecular imaging allows noninvasive characterization of myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury after coronary vessel occlusion in mice by magnetic resonance imaging." Circulation 130, 676–687.
  • Hövener, J.-B., Schwaderlapp, N., Lickert, T., Duckett, S.B., Mewis, R.E., Highton, L.A.R., Kenny, S.M., Green, G.G.R., Leibfritz, D., Korvink, J.G., et al. (2013). "A hyperpolarized equilibrium for magnetic resonance." Nat Commun 4, 2946.
  • von Elverfeldt, D., von zur Muhlen, C., Wiens, K., Neudorfer, I., Zirlik, A., Meissner, M., Tilly, P., Charles, A.-L., Bode, C., Peter, K., et al. (2012). "In vivo detection of activated platelets allows characterizing rupture of atherosclerotic plaques with molecular magnetic resonance imaging in mice." PLoS ONE 7, e45008.
  • Harsan, L.-A., Paul, D., Schnell, S., Kreher, B.W., Hennig, J., Staiger, J.F., and von Elverfeldt, D. (2010). "In vivo diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging and fiber tracking of the mouse brain." NMR Biomed 23, 884–896.
  • von zur Muhlen, C.*, von Elverfeldt, D.*, Moeller, J.A., Choudhury, R.P., Paul, D., Hagemeyer, C.E., Olschewski, M., Becker, A., Neudorfer, I., Bassler, N., et al. (2008). "Magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent targeted toward activated platelets allows in vivo detection of thrombosis and monitoring of thrombolysis." Circulation 118, 258–267.
Dominik v. Elverfeldt

Department of Radiology
Medical Physics
University Medical Center Freiburg
Killianstrasse 5a
79106 Freiburg

phone: +49 761 270 38320
fax: +49 761 270 38310