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Section of Neuroelectronic SystemsDepartment of Neurosurgery

Rat Runs Robot

Project: Immerse Rodents into a Virtual World!

We are currently developing an omnidirectional treadmill for our project Rat Runs Robot. The idea is to have a freely moving rat and virtual mazes, as well as presenting the rat different stimuli (e.g., auditory, olfactory) depending on the rat's position within the virtual maze. The purpose of the whole system is to serve as a flexible platform for developing a Bidirectional Brain Computer Interface for Rats – Rat Runs Robot – and for behavioral research. The virtual maze will be implemented using a professional 3D engine, the Blender 3D Engine, and the Maze will be designed using a professional 3D modeling software, the Blender 3D Modeler. The virtual environment will communicate then via UDP or TCP/IP with the omnidirectional treadmill's hard- and software.

Project 1: Build a Virtual World for Rodents

Target level: Masters or Bachelor Thesis


  • Practical, hands-on programming experience and
  • Experience with and 3D  Engines beyond class assignment level
  • Excellent problem solving capabilities
  • You should not be afraid of rats
  • Ability to communicate in English.

Begin: As soon as possible

Rat Runs Robot: Part I - Build a Virtual World for Rodents! (this page as pdf file)

Section of Neuroelectronic Systems

Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Ulrich G. Hofmann
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