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Klinik für Neurologie und Neurophysiologie

Functional Brain Imaging Freiburg

Screenshot of Matlabbatch. Image: Volkmar Glauche

Within Freiburg Brain Imaging Center, most of analysis work is done using the software package SPM, developed at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging. There are always questions that exceed the capabilities of the shipped versions of SPM, and therefore we work continually on improvements of SPM itself and on extensions and toolboxes.

For instance, to allow for an easier integration of different tools into one processing pipeline, a MATLAB batch and configuration system has been developed based on ideas in SPM5. This system is now available also as a standalone software at Sourceforge MATLAB.

In addition, SPM extensions are currently being developed for SPM8. Current releases of the Volumes, Diffusion and Render3D toolboxes are available on Sourceforge SPMtools.

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