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Conscious Induction of a Theta Rhythm in the EEG by a Healing Procedure

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmidt

A new healing procedure termed ThetaHealing is making extraordinary claims regarding healing effects and healing mechanism. The method is propagating quickly but so far no scientific evaluation has been conducted. One of the basic claims of ThetaHealing is that the experienced theta healer enters via a special meditation in a so called 'theta state'. According to ThetaHealing alleged healing effects are taking place in this special state which is also induced in the patient by the healer. The name ThetaHealing originates from the fact that this 'theta state' is correlated with strong theta rhythmic activity patterns (4-7Hz) in the respective EEG of healer and patient. We will set out to assess this claim in a dual EEG study where we will record simultaneously EEG from 10 experienced Theta Healers and 10 naïve patients. We hypothesize that (i) the healer taught in this method can elicit theta rhythmic activity at will in his/her EEG. (ii) there will be an increase of theta rhythm brain activity in the patient once the ThetaHealer tries to connect to his/her state to the patient and (iii) there will be significant more correlational patterns between the healer's and the patient's EEG once both are in the so called theta state compared to a control condition.