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Division of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery

Research funding

since 2015

„The role of Homer1a-mediated regulation of glutamatergic signaling in the antidepressant therapy” funded by German Research Foundation (DFG) Grant SE 2666/2-1 for Temporary Position for Principal Investigator (Tsvetan Serchov)

„Investigation of the diagnostic potential of Homer1 as peripheral biomarker for depression and predictor of antidepressant treatment response“ funded by the Forschungscomission (Research Committee) of the Medical Faculty of University Freiburg Grant SER1149/17  (Tsvetan Serchov)

„The role adenosine A1 receptor as mediator of the detrimental effects of chronic sleep loss in development of depression” funded by the USIAS Grant 2020-035  (Tsvetan Serchov)

“Depression and Monoamines: Reserpine model”. 2020, Forschungskommission Universitätsklinikum Freiburg. Principle Investigator (MD Döbrössy).

“Establishing Large Animal Model platform to investigate mechanisms of DBS”. 2019-2022, Industrial funding/ partnership. Co-Principal Investigator (MD Döbrössy).

“Mechanisms of action of DBS in models of Depression”. 2016-2019 NeuroTime-Erasmus Mundus Programme (MD Döbrössy).

 “Multichannel Systems ME16-FAI-μPA-System, electrophysiological recording system for preclinical investigations in depression models”. 2015, DFG Cluster of Excellence, Brain Links- Brain Tools. Principle Investigator (MD Döbrössy).

“Neuromodulation in models of depression using optogenetics methods”. 2015 Forschungskommission Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Principle Investigator (MD Döbrössy).

 “Medial Forebrain Bundle Deep Brain Stimulation in Depression”. 2015-2017, DFG Cluster of Excellence, Brain Links- Brain Tools. Co-Principal Investigator (MD Döbrössy).

 “Acute and chronic effects of medial forebrain bundle DBS on the mesolimbic/ -cortical network dynamics in a model of depression: A voltammetry-based investigation of stimulation induced network regulation”. 2014-2015, DFG Cluster of Excellence, Brain Links- Brain Tools. Co-Principal Investigator (MD Döbrössy).

Lab of Stereotaxy and Interventional Neuroscience

PD Dr. Máté Döbrössy

Group Leader

Department of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
University Medical Center Freiburg
Phone: +49  (0) 761 - 270 50360
Fax:       +49  (0) 761 - 270 50100

Prof. Dr. Volker Arnd Coenen

Medical Director