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Antibody-based Diagnostics and Therapy

The work of our group is focused on new diagnostic and therapeutic concepts for the management of prostate and bladder cancer. Our work is based on antibodies, antibody fragments and ligands that specifically bind to prostate or bladder cancer cells. In the context of various research projects these are developed for clinical use.

Research Interests

CAR T cell therapy for prostate cancer

CAR T cell therapy is an innovative immunotherapy in which the patient's own immune cells are specifically used against tumor cells. T cells are equipped with CARs (chimeric antigen receptors) that can specifically bind to target antigens of the cancer cells. Cell binding activates the CAR T cells, which consequently lyse the cancer cells. We are investigating the mechanisms of CAR T cells targeting the prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) and are developing new combinatorial therapeutic approaches that will allow CAR T cells to be effective in solid tumors, such as prostate cancer.


Recombinant immunotoxins / targeted toxins for the therapy of prostate and bladder cancer

For the generation of immunotoxins / targeted toxins, toxins are linked to cancer-specific antibody fragments or ligands. Immunotoxins / targeted toxins specifically bind to cancer cells and are internalized. In the cells, the toxins unfold their cytotoxicity and kill the cancer cells. We are interested in the mechanisms of immunotoxin / targeted toxin associated cell death as well as in combination therapies that enhance the cytotoxic effects of immunotoxins / targeted toxins.

Antikörper-basierte Diagnostik und Therapie

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