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IRTG-Café with Dr. Marco Binder Friday, December 3, 2021 1.00 pm


3rd annual IRTG internal Retreat, St. Peter, May 2019

The 3rd Immunovirology retreat took place in St.Peter from 27 to 29 May 2019. The goal was to foster scientific exchange within TRR179 also on the very important student-to-student level.


The 29 doctoral researchers exchanged research ideas and project findings during the scientific program.


Our Guest Prof. Dr. sc. nat. Hanspeter Pircher, Institute of Immunology, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, gave a keynote lecture on „Lessons from the LSMV system" and accompanied the young researchers with scientific support.

Beside the scientific program, the doctoral students enjoyed the wild beauty of the Black Forest.

2nd Annual IRTG PhD and Postdoc Retreat in Herrsching 2018

Out 2nd IRTG Retreat has taken place in Herrsching am Ammersee, Haus der bayerischen Landwirtschaft, March 26th to March 29th 2018.



Our Guest Prof. Michael Roggendorf, TUM, gave a keynote lecture on „Therapeutic vaccination  of chronic hepatitis B: Reduction of secreted viral antigens as a pre-requisite for restoration of HBV-specific T-cell response”

1st Annual IRTG PhD and Postdoc Retreat February 2017

Our first IRTG-internal retreat has taken place in Bad Herrenalb, Germany.

PhD/MD students and postdocs discussed science and their projects without restraint

Guest speaker Dr. Mirjam Zeisel, Co-leader of the Baumert-Zeisel group at the INSERM U1110 Strasbourg, gave a keynote lecture entitled „Hepatitis C virus-host interactions: targets for antiviral therapy and strategies to prevent/treat liver disease".

Election of a student´s speaker and 2 assistant student´s speakers at the other two TRR179 sites

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