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Supervision and Mentoring Concept: TAC

Each student (MD and PhD) has a team of 3 – 4 supervisors (thesis advisory committee, TAC) including trans-regional PIs with complementary expertise to connect the three TRR179 Locations in Heidelberg, Freiburg and Munich. Depending on the project, the TAC members have a different scientific background than the PI, enabling each student to have close contact with scientists having complementary expertise, thus reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the projects of TRR179.

TAC members

  • advise students on pursuing their projects
  • advise students in required soft-skills,
  • support students in career planning 
  • provide support for building student´s own scientific network

TRR179 IRTG "Immunovirology"

Contact: IRTG Management Team

IRTG Coordinator
Prof. Dr. H. Hengel

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Hengel

IRTG Executive Officer
Dr. Eva Schnober

Dr. Eva Schnober
Phone: 0761 203-6572
Fax: 0761 203-6626