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Comprehensive Cancer Center Freiburg - CCCF


Help to maintain our services!

We are pleased that you have decided to donate to the Freiburg Tumor Center - CCCF.

The following link will take you directly to our online donation portal (in German).

If you want to support one of the following specific services of the CCCF, you can donate via the betterplace platform:

Tigerheart... when parents have cancer

Cancer Research

Home Care / Palliative Care Team SPES

All donation possibilities you find below.

Fine Allocation for "Tigerheart"

You get:

  •     a quick and reliable feedback about incoming payments
  •     account statements about the current status in case of payment by installments
  •     remittance slips and information material for you and the fines payers
  •     up-to-date information about the work of "Tigerherz" during the course of the year.

With the allocation of fines you make "Tigerherz" possible:

  •     individual and sibling lessons
  •    group offers
  •     vacation activities
  •     Discussions with parents, grandparents, teachers, and specialists
  •     Procurement of materials (paints, canvases, games, etc.)

Contact person:

Bianca Czichy M. A.
Phone 0761 270-36090
Fax 0761 270-33980


Your Contact Persons

Bianca Czichy M. A.
Telephone +49 (0)761 270-36090

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