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Mission Statement of the Medical Center

University of Freiburg

Compassion and Care

The focus of our activities is on human beings. It is our goal to adjust our support for the healing process to meet the needs of each and every patient. We show consideration for the personalities of our patients, give them individual information, and consult extensively with them and their loved ones. We respect the autonomy of our patients. This enables us to provide the best possible medical and nursing care and gives advanced medicine a human face.

Communication and Cooperation

We achieve our goals through close cooperation between all of our employees and see ourselves as part of a multi-professional team. We are committed to treating each other with consideration and respect. As employees, we bring our skills and abilities to bear for the benefit of the Medical Center. We cooperate actively with our partners in the public health system and attach great importance to engaging in an open and constructive dialogue within and outside of the Medical Center.

Innovation and Development

In research and teaching, our ambition is to maintain our standing as one of the top universities in Germany. Pioneering research is the key to providing our patients optimal diagnostics, therapy, and rehabilitation. Continual organizational and conceptual development in all departments ensures that our medical center will retain its competitive edge in the future.

Competence und Continuing Education

We rely on modern instruments of human resources development to guarantee the quality of our work. We create incentives to facilitate the long-term personal and professional development of our employees. It is our responsibility as managers to provide the necessary conditions for excellent work. Transparent decision-making and a willingness to delegate responsibilities are important to us.

Responsibility for People and the Environment

As the largest employer in Southern Baden, the Medical Center – University of Freiburg takes its responsibility for the people and environment of the region seriously. We expect our employees to exhibit a heightened environmental consciousness. This is reflected in our moderate and careful use of resources. We employ the most modern methods to protect the environment, thus helping to maintain Freiburg’s high quality of life for the future.

Approved by the Board of Directors of the Medical Center on 15 Feb. 2005, 3rd item on the agenda