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Comprehensive Cancer Center Freiburg - CCCF

Clinical Cancer Registry and IT

at the Comprehensive Cancer Center - CCCF

One of the most important responsibilities of medical care and science is to study the causes of diseases and at the same time improve their treatment. Cancer registries provide crucial support in this regard.

Our Clinical Cancer Registry (Klinisches Kresbregister – KKR) provides information on the diagnosis, therapy, and course of all cancer cases treated at the Comprehensive Cancer Center since 1983. We can use the data from the registry to study the quality of the treatments from various perspectives, compare them, assess them, and structurally evaluate them.

Our team of documentalists, data managers, and developers at the Clinical Cancer Registry is highly productive: For 2019, for example, we were able to enter almost 70,000 records on the diagnosis, therapy, and course of tumor diseases in our register and make them available for evaluations. In addition, we documented the more than 13,000 annual cases presented to the tumor boards with the tumor board online system (TOS) also included in the Clinical Cancer Registry. The information compiled were both passed on to the State Cancer Registry and used and evaluated for the certification of the centers. Consequently, these data are not just available for use at the Comprehensive Cancer Center Freiburg – CCCF but also for statewide evaluations on healthcare policy, quality assurance, research, and quality conferences.

The Clinical Cancer Registry also participates in projects aimed at improving and standardizing tumor documentation, for example in the commentary of standardized nationwide records as a member of the Association of German Tumor Centers (ADT, in German), the “Digital Oncology” working group of the CCC network (in German), and working group AG 04, Clinical Cancer Registries, of the Association of Tumor Centers, Oncology Centers, and Working Groups in Baden-Württemberg (ATO) (in German).

Furthermore, we maintain close contact with the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK), Medical Informatics in Research and Care in University Medicine (MIRACUM), the Medical Informatics Initiative Germany, and the Center for Personalized Medicine (ZPM) (in German).


The documentalists at the Comprehensive Cancer Center Freiburg – CCCF work together with the documentalists at the various member departments to compile data on all tumor patients in accordance with the current guidelines set by the ADT and the Association of Population-Based Cancer Registries in Germany (GEKID), as well as by OnkoZert. They are supported by internal meetings and training courses in the context of regular quality circles – so-called Clinical Cancer Registry meetings. In addition, internal documentation aids are provided.

The goal of tumor documentation is to document the treatment and the course of a tumor disease in a structured, understandable, comparable, and systematic way.

If you have questions on tumor documentation at the Comprehensive Cancer Center – CCCF, please contact us at krebsregister@uniklinik-freiburg.de.

Tumorboard-Online-System TOS

The Tumor Board Online System (TOS) is developed and maintained by computer scientists of the Tumor Center. TOS provides the technical basis for the organization and implementation of the interdisciplinary tumor boards of the CCCF. In TOS, the tumor patients to be discussed are registered for the tumor conference, the participants of the tumor conference are documented and the decisions on the therapy procedure are recorded. The overall management of the tumor boards is coordinated by the team of the tumor board center and monitored within the framework of the requirements of quality management The data are transferred as protocol documents to the electronic file of the hospital information system after the conclusion of the conference.


  •     universally available modern web application
  •     decentralized registration of patients from all participating hospitals
  •     transfer of patient data from the hospital information system
  •     Formulation of the question/proposed resolution for the conference
  •     Context-sensitive display of previous conference resolutions
  •     Request for imaging
  •     Linking with QuickQueck® study search
  •     Availability of Clinical Pathways
  •     Search function with stepwise refinement of search results
  •     Consensus decision-making during the conference
  •     Electronic participant registration via employee card
  •     Online registration of remote participants
  •     Monitoring of quorum/compulsory specialties
  •     Automatic generation, control and release of the conference minutes
  •     Transfer of the minutes to the electronic file
  •     Generation of cover letters
  •     Data interface to tumor documentation
  •     Transmission of the conference and registration data into the mobile digital medical record of Checkpad MED

    If you have any questions about TOS, please feel free to contact the Tumor Board Center team at tumorboardzentrale@uniklinik-freiburg.de.


Screenshots of the Tumorboard-Online-System TOS (in German)

Contact persons of the Clinical Cancer Registry









Prof. Dr. Dr. Melanie Börries
Division Manager
Telephone +49 (0)761 203-84671









Martina Locher, M.Sc.
Team Leader
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Dipl.-Dok. (FH) Jan Friedrich Barleben
Computer Scientist
Telephone +49 (0)761 270-33020

Contact Persons IT









Davide Palumbo
Telephone +49 (0)761 270-71530
Fax +49 (0)761 270-33980










Lina Glaser
Telephone +49 (0)761 270-71717