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Prof. Dr. Dr. Rumyana Kristeva

e-mail: rumyana.kristeva(at)gmail.com

Before her retirement end of 2014 Professor Rumyana Kristeva was head of the research laboratory „Cortical motor control“ which she  established in 1996 in the Department of Neurology and Neurophysiology of the University Medical Center Freiburg.

The general mission of the laboratory was to understand:

  • the physiology of human voluntary movement and the pathophysiology of certain involuntary movements (in Parkinson’s disease, writer's and musician's cramp, tics and myoclonus) and thus to provide the neurophysiological basis for the brain computer interface;
  • the stochastic resonance in the human sensorimotor system and to implement it for improvement of the motor performance and suppression of tremor

In 2010 Professor Rumyana Kristeva established a bridge between science and society and between science and art with the project “Dance for Parkinson”  (Heiberger et al., 2011).

Currently Rumyana Kristeva takes part in a project of Prof. Dr. Elias Manjarrez (Puebla University, Mexico)   investigating multisensory stochastic resonance and optogenetic noise photostimulation for the improvement of the human sensory perception, sensorimotor performance and cognition as well as in rehabilitation.




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