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Epilepsies are diseases characterized by alterations in brain propensity for abnormal synchronization. Research at the Freiburg epilepsy center focusses on the characterization of electrophysiological and imaging biomarkers of epileptogenicity, encompassing

  • Electrophysiological characterization of preictal and early ictal periods
  • Detection of proictal brain states and their behavioral correlates
  • Analyses of electrophysiological biomarkers of epileptogenesis and ictogenesis
  • Characterization of pathological and physiological networks in the epileptic brain
  • Localization of epileptogenic brain regions
  • Multiscale assessment of brain physiology
  • Electrophysiological correlates of cognition and its deficiencies
  • Assessment of stimulation effects on brain states

Methodologically, this includes

  • Time series analysis of ongoing brain activities
  • Visual and automated assessment of epilepsy biomarkers(spikes, oscillatory activity, network characteristic)
  • Advanced event classification using machine learning approaches
  • Source localization using high density EEG/intracranial EEG and realistic head models/ simultaneous EEG-fMRI
  • Analyses of functional / structural correlates using evoked potentials and imaging
  • Analyses of intracranial EEG during cognitive tasks
  • Open- and closed loop interventions using electrical brain stimulation  

Research is presently supported by DFG, BMBF, NIH and EU.

There are national and international collaborations in cognitive research (University of Pennsylvania/Philadelphia;  Columbia University/New York; Harvard University/Boston; MPI Leipzig), in time series analysis (Department of Physics/Freiburg and Dresden), in analyses of functional connectivity (Department of Medical Physics/Freiburg; Institute des Neurosciences, Grenoble), in the development of Brain stimulation techniques (IMTEK/Freiburg), and in peripheral recordings of seizure correlates (King´s College/London).

MD and PhD topics are available on request.

Phone: +49 761 270 53660

Selected publications:

  • Cosandier-Rimele D, Ramantani G, Zentner J, Schulze-Bonhage A, Duempelmann M: A realistic multimodal modeling approach for the evaluation of distributed source analysis: application to sLORETA. J Neural Eng, 2017; 14: 056008
  • Schulze-Bonhage A: Brain stimulation as a neuromodulatory epilepsy therapy. Seizure-eur J Epilep, 2017; 44: 169-175
  • Meisel C, Plenz D, Schulze-Bonhage A, Reichmann H: Quantifying antiepileptic drug effects using intrinsic excitability measures. Epilepsia 2016; 57: e210-e215
  • Donos C, Dümpelmann M, Schulze-Bonhage A. Early Seizure Detection Algorithm Based on Intracranial EEG and Random Forest Classification. Int J Neural Syst. 2015; 25:1550023
  • Duempelmann M, Jacobs J, Schulze-Bonhage A: Temporal and spatial characteristics of high frequency oscillations as a new biomarker in epilepsy. Epilepsia 2015; 56:197-206
  • Miller JF, Neufang M, Solway A, Brandt A, Trippel M, Mader I, Hefft S, Merkow M, Polyn SM, Jacobs J, Kahana MJ, Schulze-Bonhage A: Neural activity in human hippocampal formation reveals the spatial context of retrieved memories. Science, 2013; 342: 1111-1114
Freiburg Epilepsy Center

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