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Cochlear Implant - Operations

Cochlear Implant Centrum Freiburg - ICF
Entrance of the HNO Clinic Freiburg

Entrance of the HNO Clinic Freiburg

The cochlear implant operation is conducted under general anesthesia. Usually, and when conducted by an experienced surgeon, the operation takes about 1.5 hours. We provide complete care for our patients with a constant team of ENT surgeons, trained ENT nurses and anesthetists.

In the individual operation steps, a retroauricular (behind the ear) skin incision is made. Then a pocket is created under the periosteum (tissue covering the bone) for the cochlear implant. The mastoid bone is opened (mastoidectomy). Then, using a surgical microscope, access is made to the cochlea, paying special attention to the course of the facial nerve (Nervus facialis) and that portion of the taste nerve which runs through the middle ear (Chorda tympani). Access to the cochlea is attained either by means of a classic cochleostomy (the cochlear bones are cut to create an opening of ca. 1 mm) or via the round window membrane. Depending on the cochlear implant and patient’s history, the electrode bearers are then introduced through the cochleostomy or the round window. Extensive measurements made during the operation check the function of the cochlear implant and also of the auditory canal. Once the implant has been firmly set in the bone, the wound is closed.

The in-hospital time is about 5-7 days after the operation. Prior to discharge, the patients have an opportunity to select accessories for the speech processor, schedule rehabilitation and to ask questions of the doctors providing the in-hospital care.


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