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PostuRob II (double inverted pendulum biomechanics)


  • In film 1,  the platform is tilted with peak-to-peak amplitude of 8° (waveform: pseudorandom ternary sequence,  PRTS) . Shown are the tilt responses of PostuRob II (at the end, with a few disturbance pushes are suprimposed) and then of a human subject.

  • In film 2, both PostuRob II and the human subject perform voluntary sinusoidal trunk bending (approximately 0.27 Hz) while standing on the platform that starts to move at a different frequency (sinusoidal tilts,  0.1 Hz).

  • In film 3, we demonstrate that PostuRob is able to balance without vision on a 'compliant' support surface, this similar to humans with functioning vestibular system. We explain the underlying control mechanisms and the role of the vestibular system.