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SPP2177 Closure Meeting Phase I

The closure meeting marked the conclusion of Phase I of the Priority Programme SPP2177. Overall, 55 participants from 19 different organisations attended virtually.

Programme coordinator Prof. Dr. Fabian Bamberg welcomed representatives of all 17 funded projects. Together we reflected on the years spent working together and each project presented their key findings and outcomes. Also the results of the joint publication effort were reported by Dr. Ralf Floca. The meeting was crowned by a keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Georg Langs of the Medical University of Vienna on the subject of “My personal take on AI and Radiomics: lessons learned and what’s next”.

The programme committee and project office thank all partners and look forward to the launch of Phase II and another successful three years together.

The Workshop for Early Career Researchers took place in Breisach am Rhein


As part of the SPP2177 Priority Programme and in order to promote young scientists, a workshop for Early Career Researchers was held from June 28th to July 1st 2022. For the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic, the meeting took place on site in the picturesque town of Breisach am Rhein. A group of 16 young scientists from all over Germany met to participate in a four-day workshop organized by the team of the Coordination Office at the University Medical Center Freiburg.

The meeting was opened by a welcoming speech from the Project Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Fabian Bamberg, and continued with an introduction round between participants and the project coordination, essential for successful team working during the following workshop days.

On the second day, a workshop on scientific writing took place, conducted by Dr. Philip Mayer, founder of a training and coaching company in Switzerland. Based on an exchange of experiences, it became clear that the challenges of scientific writing are similar for almost all participants, although they work at different institutions. The focus was placed on understanding scientific writing as a process that may and should be actively shaped. In order to increase the productivity of the writing process, specific strategies were applied in practical exercises.

The following day the participants were able to work in groups within the scope of the project management workshop led by the systemic consultant, mediator and intercultural trainer, Anna Royon-Weigelt (M.A.). The various aspects of project management, e.g project definition, planning and analysis, were discussed based on the participants' actual projects. Examples included single-center and multi-center scientific studies as well as a project involving institutional-wide patient handling. While some projects may rely on linear planning, many projects benefit from an agile approach.

The workshop was rounded off by the keynote speech “New Work” given by Daniel Hetzer, trainer and coach specializing in leadership and work organization.

Throughout the entire workshop, the participants were actively exchanging their experiences and ideas regarding the work on their own projects. The workshop became an essential platform both for consolidating the network in the first phase as well as for fostering further cooperation.

The second RADIOMICS workshop took place on January 2022


Our 2nd workshop “Impact of AI on Medicine & Society” within the frame of the SPP2177 Priority Programme was held online on 24–25th January, 2022.

The first day of the workshop was devoted to the topic of ethics and the legal basis of using AI in medicine. A lively discussion moderated by Mrs. Ilka Groenewold followed the lectures between the invited experts – Prof. Saskia Nagel, Prof. Rouven Porz and Prof. Susanne Beck – and the audience.

The second day of the workshop generated just as much interest as the first one and began with the topic “Radiomics and ML in Radiology: potential impacts on patient care and how to get there” presented by Prof. Dr. Andrea Rockall. During the break-out sessions hosted by Prof. Dr. Annette Peters, Prof. Dr. Horst Hahn, Dr. Jan Moltz and Dr. Annika Hänsch participants had an opportunity to discuss their experiences in the field of Radiomics.

The workshop ended with the speech of Prof. Dr. Daniel Rückert about privacy-preserving AI in Radiology and final words from the programme coordinator, Prof. Dr. Fabian Bamberg.

SPP2177 Midterm Meeting 2021 – project updates and networking

More than 50 members of the priority programme SPP2177 joined our midterm meeting on October 26th to exchange information about their projects.

After a short warm welcome by the coordinator Prof. Dr. Fabian Bamberg, updates regarding the SPP joint publication and exciting presentations of each scientific subproject filled the afternoon. The event was highlighted by the final keynote lecture of Prof. Dr. Hugo Aerts, director of the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) Program at Harvard-MGB, on “Artificial Intelligence and Radiomics in Clinical Radiology.”

We are already looking forward to the next upcoming events!

Annual Meeting 2020

Since the start in December 2019, the Priority Program (SPP2177) coordinated by Prof. Dr. Fabian Bamberg, organized its second programm meeting on October 13, 2020, first time as a web meeting given to the restriction due to the corona pandemy.

More than 50 participants came together to share their first results and the current status of their projects. Beneath short online presentations of the running projects, new members could be introduced to the community. In additon, framework activities and measures of the first year and also outlines to future activities were presented by the coordination team. The meeting closed with an interesting talk on the medical information initiative and a fruitful discussion poiting out the high potential of joining efforts in order to advance the particular projects but also the entire field in biomedical translational imaging research.

The first workshop successfully held in Freiburg

On 13th February, 2020 the first workshop “Medical informatics initiative” was held with more than 30 participants.

Given the clearly indicated need at the Kick-off symposium, the workshop was organized by the team of the coordination office at the medical center of Freiburg in collaboration with the initiators Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hesser, PD Dr. Klaus Maier-Hein and Prof. Dr. Heinz-Peter Schlemmer.

Main topics that were covered include general opportunities and challenges in Artificial Intelligence / Radiomics in imaging, the envisioned interaction in a joint-imaging-platform (i.e. DKTK or NORA), and synergies with the medical informatics initiative as a cross-project communication area. Several SPP project members joined the very fruitful discussions in Freiburg and it became evident that there is the strong need and high potential of joining efforts in order to advance the particular projects but also the entire field in biomedical translational imaging research.

Kick-off-Meeting 2019


The Priority Programme (SPP2177) “Radiomics- Next Generation of Biomedical Imaging”, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Fabian Bamberg, had its kick-off-meeting on 16th & 17th December in Freiburg with more than 60 participants.

The kick-off event officially initiated the program and served as a first forum to enhance collaboration and synergies between the 17 funded projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Deep-Learning and Radiomics in Biomedical Imaging. All projects represented a broad spectrum of translational research in this emerging and highly relevant research area. The framework of the SPP-coordination comprises a number of networking opportunities, workshops and gender equality measures also to support young researchers to foster the science along the way.

The program committee and project office look forward to the next three years of top-level research and to an exciting time together.



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