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June 29-30, 2023 | Historisches Kaufhaus Freiburg (Germany)

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our Symposium “Advances in Stem Cell Transplantation and Cell Therapy 2023” in honor of Prof Jürgen Finke.

It was in 1989 that the first patients underwent allogeneic marrow transplants in Freiburg. The field of hematopoietic cell transplantation has developed remarkably since then, allowing for transplantation of elderly patients and achieving higher cure rates due to improvements in many areas, such as novel graft­versus-host disease prevention and treatment strategies, post allo-HCT maintenance therapy and approaches to enhance the graft-versus-leukemia effect.

In honor of Prof Jürgen Finke, who has developed allogeneic stem cell transplantation in the Department of Hematology and Oncology at Freiburg University Medical Center, we have invited experts for an international symposium covering the major topics raised by recent developments in the field. These will cover the role of the intestinal microbiome and the intestinal immune system in GVHD, tissue-regenerative approaches for acute GVHD, chronic GVHD biology and treatment, basic mechanisms of leukemia immune evasion, novel CAR T cell and engineered NK cell products. This event will give you the opportunity to debate the current concepts of Stem Cell Transplantation and Cell Therapy at the beautiful venue of the Historische Kaufhaus in Freiburg.

We invite you to share your knowledge in discussions covering science, exchanging thoughts and ideas, and seeing old friends and making new ones.

From the organizers

Robert Zeiser   Justus Duyster


Thursday June 29, 2023

Opening:   9:00

Welcome address

Frederik Wenz (Senior Medical Director, Medical Center Univ. of Freiburg)
Justus Duyster (Head Internal Medicine I, Freiburg)
Robert Zeiser (Head Div Tumor Immunology, Freiburg)

9:30 – 11:30 (each talk 20 min plus 5 min discussion)

Graft-versus-leukemia effect/AML immunotherapy
Chairs: Jakob Passweg (Basel), Fabio Ciceri (Milano)

Luca Vago (Milano) - HLA loss and epigenetic regulation of HLA

John DiPersio (Yale) - Immune evasion of relapsed AML cells after allo-HCT

Wolfgang Herr (Regensburg) - HLA directed DLI design for GVL

Katharina Fleischhauer (Essen) – HLA-DP matching to enhance GVL effects

Sergio Rutella (Nottingham) - Immune landscape of TP53-mutated AML

11:30 – 12:00 Satellite Symposium by Novartis:

Prof.Dr.Christian Könecke / MH Hannover - Positioning of CAR-T-Therapy in the treatment of Follicular Lymphoma

Lunch break

13:00 – 15:00

Cellular Immunotherapy – CAR T cells / CAR NK cells
Chairs: Hermann Einsele (Würzburg), Ralph Wäsch (Freiburg), Reinhard Marks (Freiburg)

Michael Hudececk (Würzburg) – CAR Tc against oncogenic mutations

Toni Cathomen (Freiburg) – Novel CAR Tc designs to combat solid tumors

Evelyn Ullrich (Frankfurt) - Engineered NK cells open up new concepts in immuno-oncology

Saar Gill (Pennsylvania) - CAR Tc for AML

Susana Minguet (Freiburg) - Binding of Lck to CD3ε to enhance CAR function

Coffee break

16:00 – 18:30

Post Transplant maintenance – cellular therapy and drug based
Chairs: Nelson Chao (Durham), Alexandros Spyridonidis (Patras)

Robert Soiffer (Boston) – Demethylating agents to reduce AML relapse risk

Peter Dreger (Heidelberg) – Relapse prevention after allo-HCT for lymphoma – what have we learned in the last 3 decades?

Charles Craddock (Birmingham) - Post-Transplant Strategies for Patients with AML

Wolfgang Bethge (Tübingen) - CAR T cells or allo-HCT - real world data analysis

Takanori Teshima (Sapporo)  -  T-cell tolerance and GVHD/GVL

Robert Zeiser (Freiburg) - Inhibition of MDM2 for relapse prevention

19:00 - Dinner Restaurant Greiffenegg Schlössle

Friday June 30, 2023

9:00 – 11:30

Acute Graft-versus-host disease I (Basic biology)
Chairs: Gerard Socié (Paris), Stephan Mielke (Stockholm)

Robert Negrin (Stanford) - Tolerance induction after allo-HCT

Pavan Reddy (Houston, Texas) - Tissue tolerance in aGVHD

Andreas Beilhack (Würzburg) – Intestinal myeloid cells and aGVHD

Ernst Holler (Regensburg) - The intestinal microbiome and aGVHD

Geoffrey Hill (Seattle) - The role of non-hematopoietic Ag presenting cells in GVHD

Kristina Maas-Bauer (Freiburg) - iNKT cells to prevent aGVHD

Natalie Köhler (Freiburg) - hBD2 for the treatment of acute GVHD

Coffee break

12:00 – 14:00

Acute Graft-versus-host disease II (Clinical)
Chairs: Arnon Nagler (Tel Aviv), Mohamad Mohty (Paris)

Jürgen Finke (Freiburg) – The expansion of allo-HCT to elderly patients  

Nicolaus Kröger (Hamburg) - ATG versus PTCy for chronic GVHD prophylaxis

Matthias Edinger (Regensburg) - Treg for aGVHD

Claudia Wehr (Freiburg) - GLP2 for aGVHD therapy

Francis Ayuk (Hamburg) - Risk-adapted first-line treatment of acute GVHD

Lunch break

15:00 – 17:00

Chronic Graft-versus-host disease I
Chairs: Daniel Wolff (Regensburg), Hermann Einsele (Würzburg)

Hildegard Greinix (Graz) - The role of ECP for cGVHD

Steven Pavletic (Bethesda) - JAK inhibition in cGVHD

Bruce Blazar (Minnesota) - ROCK2 inhibition for cGVHD

Marcel van den Brink (New York) – The role of the intestinal microbiome in cancer immunotherapy

Closing remarks in honor of Prof Jürgen Finke
Robert Zeiser (Freiburg)


Registration for the conference participation is free of charge. Online Registration is closed - on site registration is still possible.


Historisches Kaufhaus | Am Münsterplatz 24 | 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

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Organization committee

Medical Center University of Freiburg
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Claudia Wehr
Kristina Maas-Bauer
Natalie Köhler
Ralph Wäsch
Justus Duyster
Robert Zeiser

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