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Klinik für Augenheilkunde
Head of the Section for Functional Vision Research
PD Dr. rer. nat. Sven Heinrich

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Sven Heinrich


Tel.: 0761 270-40601
Fax: 0761 270-9640612
E-Mail: sven.heinrich@uniklinik-freiburg.de 

Group webpage: https://www.uniklinik-freiburg.de/augenklinik/fol/vis.html

Research interests

Evoked and event-related potentials

  • Objective assessment of visual function
  • Attentional modulation of event-related potentials
  • Methodological issues, e.g., in signal analysis



  • Perceptual and cognitive factors in testing of visual function
  • Quantification of subjective perceptual experience
  • Real-life relevance of measures of visual performance
  • Malingering-resistant testing of visual performance
  • Signal detection theory and decision making in forced-choice situations



  • Applications in psychiatry
  • Stimulation-induced alternation of retinal function
  • Improved signal analysis


Eye movements and pupillometry

  • Using saccades to measure visual performance


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Other professional functions

  • Co-chair, Functional Assessment Working Group (German Ophthalmological Society)
  • Appointed Member, Committee for Quality Assurance (German Ophthalmological Society)
  • Member of steering committee, project "Diagnostic Visual Function Research: Building Capacity in Africa"

Current and recent cooperations (selection)

  • Prof. Ludger Tebartz van Elst (Psychiatry, Freiburg, Germany)
  • Prof. Claus Normann (Psychiatry, Freiburg, Germany)
  • PD Dr. Jürgen Kornmeier (IGPP, Freiburg, Germany)
  • Prof. Michael Hoffmann (Ophthalmology, Magdeburg, Germany)
  • Prof. Sascha Klee (Medical Engineering, Ilmenau, Germany / Biostatistics, Krems a.d. Donau, Austria)
  • Dr. Ellen Joos (INSERM U1114, Strasbourg)
  • Dr. Enyam Morny (University of Cape Coast, Ghana)
  • Prof. Amal Elgohary (Research Institute of Ophthalmology, Giza, Cairo, Egypt)
  • Dr. Philipp Rating (Ophthalmology, Essen, Germany)

  • Contributing to neurobiology/neuroscience modules of the BSc and MSc programs in Biology, MSc program in Neuroscience.
  • Module coordinator (with Nicole Roßkothen-Kuhl) for Cognitive Neuroscience Module
  • CME for ophthalmologists.
  • Journalclub & Methods in Vision Science seminar
  • Thesis supervision for BSc, MSc and doctoral students.