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Do you suffer from recurrent neurological deficits with speech disorders, temporary numbness, muscle spasms, paralysis or loss of consciousness? Your child is experiencing unclear episodes? The presence of epilepsy can be checked by means of an inpatient stay of several days with continuous EEG recording and video documentation. Subsequently, we will initiate a therapy suited to your needs, if required.

In order to successfully treat your epilepsy, we determine the underlying cause of the disease with the help of EEG analyses, high resolution magnetic resonance imaging and, if necessary, with laboratory chemical analyses.

During a 10-day inpatient stay for "complex treatment of epilepsy" you can discuss your everyday difficulties with specialists from various professions. Social workers, neuropsychologists and therapists from the fields of psychosomatic medicine, nutritional medicine and physiotherapy as well as doctors on the inpatient ward are at your disposal for your individual questions, for education and training and for pointing out therapy options. For children and adolescents, the complex treatment is individually designed to meet the needs of the respective age group.

We decide with you, whether a dose redistribution, dose adjustment or change of the anticonvulsant therapy can lead to an improved tolerance of the medication.

Suffering from epilepsy is no reason not to have children of your own. Your partner is welcome to attend the consultation. We will advise you on how to prepare for your pregnancy and accompany you during your pregnancy. You have the opportunity to take part in the EURAP observational study, and thus give epileptic women worldwide more confidence in planning pregnancy under appropriate anticonvulsant therapy.

We take our time to get to know your previous medical history in detail and then advise you on any remaining medical options, epilepsy surgery or other nonmedical therapy options. We accompany you in the phase of therapy improvement with contacts during our telephone consultation hours, prompt follow-ups in the outpatient clinic or within the framework of inpatient observation.

Do you need additinal advice or do you have doubts before making a major decision, such as a brain surgery? We will discuss the previous findings with you in detail during an initial appointment at our epilepsy outpatient clinic. In order to be able to deal with your illness comprehensively, we need medical letters and examination results a few days before the interview in the outpatient clinic.

We explain the legal regulations in your specific situation and give you a written statement.

If you suffer from epilepsy, we will comment on the degree of disability, if you wish to apply for a disabled person's card. For specific questions, we can put you in touch with our social worker.

To arrange an appointment, please contact the secretary's office of Prof. Dr. Schulze-Bonhage (phone number: 0761 / 270 - 53660).

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