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Methods of Modelling and Bioinformatics in Systems Biomedicine (MSB)

We develop and optimize methods for mathematical modeling and bioinformatic analysis in systems biology and systems medicine.

We support our cooperation partners with access to the latest analysis methods including project-specific adaptations and extensions.


Dr. Clemens Kreutz

  • Development, assessment and improvement of computational and statistical methods
  • Mathematical modelling, high-throughput/omics data analyses

Brombacher, Eva

  • PhD Student
  • Computational Proteomics

Egert, Janine

  • PhD Student
  • Mathematical Modelling and Proteomics

Kohnert, Eva

  • PhD Student
  • RNAseq
  • Microbiome

Litwin, Tim

  • PhD Student
  • Mathematical Modelling

Menger, Jonatan

  • Masters Student
  • Proteomics, Benchmarking

Meyring, Carlotta

  • Masters Student
  • Microbiome, Sequencing Data

Neubrand, Niklas

  • PhD Student
  • Mathematical Modelling

Rachel, Timo

  • Masters Student
  • Mathematical Modelling

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Stefan Meier Str. 26
79104 Freiburg