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Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics (IMBI)

Administration and IT


Office Administration:

Maren Becker

Office SEVERA:

Gisela Beindorf

Office SEVERA and Course Coordinator QB12:

Ronnya Bernstein-Hoffmann

Office Course Coordination and Course Coordinator:

Regina Gsellinger

Office Administration:

Andrea Goldenstedt

Office Medical Data Science:

Monika Richards


Kathrin Grummich:

  • Information Retrieval


IT support

IT support for the entire institute:

Jochen Knaus

  • IT Management IMBI
  • Data Protection
  • Software Development
  • IMBI Websites

Michaela Ruf

  • IT Coordinator Section SEVERA
  • Online surveys and scan programming
  • Assistance with Controlling for Third-Party Funding
  • Maintenance of SEVERA websites

Friedlinde Sulzberger-Bühler

  • IT Administration (Windows Server and Client)
  • Distribution and packaging of software (via OPSI)


Andrea Goldenstedt

  • Administration