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This is our third attempt to finally hold our workshop which was originally planned for 2020.

Internationally leading scientists in the field will present the development of MRI over the last decades and give their very personal view of where we are coming from and where we are heading. Presentations will not only cover key areas of research but also take a look behind science, how science is made and how it is changing. There will also be presentations by young scientists about their development and career choices  in academia as well as in industry. Invited speakers will present keynote lectures on pertinent topics with further poster presentations by contributed papers. The workshop will also be tailored towards students' education. Extended poster viewing and discussion sessions are an integral part of the scientific program and will allow discussions about new concepts.


Chris Boesch

Peter Börnert

Linda Chang

Daisy Chien

Thomas Ernst

David Feinberg

Mike Garwood

Tom Grist*


Jürgen Hennig

Greg Hurst    

Roberta Kravitz

Gerhard Laub

Miki Lustig

Michael Markl

HO Peitgen

Jim Pipe


Klaas Prüssmann

Rebecca Ramb

Peter Rinck

Klaus Scheffler

Nicole Seiberlich

Oliver Speck

Larry Wald

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