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International Workshop "MR - yesterday, today, and tomorrow"

July 1th-2nd, 2022 in Freiburg

Program & Recording

If you missed the event or want to listen to the lectures again, you will find the corresponding link to the recording under the respective program item.

Friday, 1.7.2022

9.00 – 9.45 | Registration and Musical Intro

9.45 | Opening Remarks Jürgen Hennig and Opening Remarks Maxim Zaitsev

10.10 | Jim Pipe: Taking the Path Less Travelled by

10.40 | Larry Wald: The Benefit of Biological Inspiration and Guidance for MR

11.10 | Jürgen Hennig: My favorite great ideas which never worked out

11.40 | Lunch and poster viewing

13.00 | Jan Korvink: Daring escapades show intriguing general notions

13.30 | Gerhard Laub: The Art of Technology Development and Research Collaborations

14.00 | Michael Markl: Blood Flow in the Human Circulatory System: Exploring the 4th and 5th Dimensions

14.30 | Coffee and poster viewing

15.00 | Oliver Speck: High Field MRI from 2T to 7T

15.30 | Klaus Scheffler: Balanced or Non-Balanced: All in Steady State?

16.00 | Nicole Seiberlich: MR-Fingerprinting

Saturday, 2.7.2022

9.00 | Yi Wang: From rural China to QSM and beyond

9.30 | Miki Lustig: The Never Ending Adventures in Computational MRI

10.00 | Mike Garwood: Fun in the Field: From Magnets to Tractors

10.15 | Coffee and poster viewing

11.00 | Klaas Prüssmann: MRI beyond SENSE

11.20 | Greg Hurst: Nine Stories: MRI Myths and Miscues in Science, Medicine, and/or Commerce

11.40 | Rebecca Ramb: Career Choices - From Science to Industry

12.00 | Daisy Chien: A Magnetic Journey

12.30 | Lunch and poster viewing

13.40 | Chris Boesch: From Structural Biology to MRI/MRS and back

14.10 | Thomas Ernst: MRI/MRS: A Random Walk into Random Walks

14.40 | Linda Chang: MR Studies in Neuropsychiatric Disorders and Future Perspectives

15.10 | Coffee and poster viewing

15.40 | David Feinberg: Mesoscale fMRI - Ancient, Current, and Next Generational

16.10 | Peter Börnert: The Future of MRI