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The Institute of Neuropathology offers in the Offers of the pathological institute the full range of courses under the new medical licensing regulations at. The curriculum includes lectures, courses and seminars, as well as the Neuropathological seminar for students of medicine and biology.

Study of human medicine

n the winter semester of instruction in neuropathology within the Pathology II - course take place, usually on Friday from 8:15 - 13 clock in Conference Room 2 / Neuro center and microscopy Hall Institute of Pathology. Details and grouping will also be announced in the General Pathological Institute by output. Information about the course can still be found in the menu Human Medicine. If there is particular interest in the subject, students will be offered in-depth study of the neuropathology as an elective. Neuropathology as an elective includes attending meetings and input from brain sections, as well as internal training events.

Study of Molecular Medicine

Additional materials and additional literature for the course "Molecular Neuropathology I + II" are provided in the submenu "Molecular Medicine". Passwords for access authorization will be announced during the lecture or by notice in the Institute of Neuopathologie.

Interdisciplinary Seminar: Current Issues in the neuropathology and neurobiology

This seminar is open to students of human medicine, biology and molecular medicine . Focus is on current research from neuroscience that are relevant for diseases of the nervous system. The course is supervised by a doctor and a biologist to discuss both applied and mechanistic , molecular biology competently.

While keeping the participants in the winter semester as an introduction to the topic presentations on various diseases and functions in the neural system , recent publications are presented in scientific journals and discussed in the summer semester. Because of this building system is a start in the winter semester is desirable.

The seminar provides an opportunity to deepen the neuropathology logical knowledge of the required courses , to discuss them with students of other disciplines and to gain insights into the research neuroscience for medical students.

The number of participants is limited to 25 . A preliminary discussion of this Seminar "Actual question from the neuropathology and neurobiology " takes place every year at the beginning of the semester. The exact date will be announced. The seminar will be held at each 2 Saturdays all day . If interested, please contact early with the Secretariat of Neuropathology (Mrs. Blust , Phone +49 761 270 51060) in conjunction.

Institutsleitung / Management

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