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Dear colleagues,

we are delighted to invite you to the Radiation Therapy in Prostate Cancer - Symposium in Freiburg, Germany.

Diagnostics and treatment in prostate cancer have experienced tremendous changes and new therapeutic options have emerged in recent years. Focusing on these advances, the symposium will be a platform to discuss current trends and state-of-the-art techniques in radiotherapy of primary prostate cancer. Additionally, experts will also share insights into modern approaches in the management of recurrent and metastatic disease. The strength of interdisciplinary patient care will be highlighted by our colleagues and collaborators from Urology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology  and Pathology, who will present updates on new hormonal agents, systemic treatment options, radioligand therapy, and diagnostic options. Furthermore we will discuss opportunities provided by artificial intelligence and how they allow physicians to further improve and personalize treatments.

Join the multidisciplinary panel of national and international specialists and key opinion leaders and participate in lively discussions. These new insights will help to improve care for our patients everywhere.

Anca-Ligia Grosu, MD, FACR, Professor and Chair , Department of Radiation Oncology
Simon Spohn, MD , Department of Radiation Oncology


Friday, 19 July 2024

09:00-9:05 | Opening Remarks
Anca L. Grosu and Simon Spohn

09:05-10:45 |SBRT I - Primary Prostate Cancer I
Chairs: Anca L. Grosu and Michael Zelefsky

  • Anca L. Grosu: From Imaging to biology for radiation treatment planning in prostate cancer (25 Min)
  • Thomas Zilli: (Extreme) Hypofractionation in lymph node positive prostate cancer (25 Min)
  • Michael Zelefsky: Dose escalation in SBRT – what is the right dose? (25 Min)
  • Guenther Carl: SBRT – the patients perspective (25 min)

10:45-11:15 | Coffee Break and Poster Session    

11:15-12:30 | SBRT I - Primary Prostate Cancer II
Chairs: Stefanie Corradini and Matthias Guckenberger

  • Karin Haustermans: MRI-based focal dose escalation (FLAME/HypoFlame trials) (25 Min)
  • Simon Spohn: HypoFocal trials: MRI- and PSMA-PET-based focal dose escalation (25 Min)
  • Constantinos Zamboglou: The Role of Brachytherapy in the Era of SBRT and focal dose escalation (25 min)

12:30-13:30 | Lunch + Industry Exhibition

13:30-14:45 | SBRT II - Recurrent and Metastatic PCa I
Chairs: Constantinos Zamboglou and Karin Haustermans

  • Nina Schmidt-Hegemann: PSMA-PET for RTx in recurrent prostate cancer (25 Min)
  • Tobias Hölscher: Dose escalation in salvage radiotherapy (25 Min)
  • Stefano Arcangeli: Hypofractionation in radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy (25 Min)

14:45-15:15 | Coffee Break and Poster Session   

15:15-16:55 | SBRT II - Recurrent and Metastatic PCa II         
Chair: Thomas Zilli and Simon Kirste

  • Giulia Marvaso: Re-Irradiation EBRT (25 Min)
  • Michael Pinkawa: Brachytherapy in recurrent disease (25 Min)
  • Matthias Guckenberger: Optimal treatment for nodal oligorecurrent prostate cancer (25 min)
  • Simon Lo: SBRT in oligometastatic prostate cancer (25 Min)

17.00-17.30 | Visit of the Department of Radiation Oncology Freiburg

19:00 | Conference Dinner  – Greiffenegg Restaurant, Freiburg

Saturday, 20 July 2024

Day II: Advances in Systemic Treatment and New Technologies

09:00-10:15 | Advances in Systemic Treatment       
Chair: Cornelius Waller and Stefano Arcangeli

  • Markus Grabbert: Androgendeprivation Therapy in Localized Prostate Cancer – Optimal Treatment and Management of Side Effects (25 Min)
  • Christian Gratzke: Systemic Treatment in Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Update on New Hormonal Agents and PARP-Inhibitors (25 Min)
  • Ann-Christin Eder: PSMA-targeted Radioligand Therapy – Updates in Tracer Development and Future Directions (25 Min)

10:15-10:45 | Coffee Break and Poster Session

10:45-12:25 | New Technologies I: Future Perspectives of AI   
Chair: Nina Schmidt-Hegemann and Simon Lo

  • Johannes Jahn: AI-assisted MRI – Next Generation Imaging (20 min)
  • Tobias Fechter: Automated Segmentation in Prostate Cancer (20 Min)
  • Jan Peeken: Radiomics - New Possibilities for Prostate Cancer? (20 Min)
  • Christoph Schell: Histopathology- and AI-based Biomarkers (20 Min)
  • Oliver Schilling: Proteomics in Prostate Cancer – A Novel Stratification Tool? (20 min)

12:25-13:30 | Lunch + Industry Exhibition          

13:30-14:45 | New Technologies II - Adaptive Radiotherapy, advanced IGRT and Proton Therapy
Chair: Simon Spohn and Tobias Hölscher

  • Dimos Baltas: Adaptive radiotherapy using the ETHOS System – advances and futures perspectives (25 Min)
  • Stefanie Corradini: Adaptive radiotherapy using MR Linacs (25 Min)
  • Ute Ganswindt: New Options for Intrafractional Tracking at the LINAC (25 Min)

14:45-15:00 | Closing Remarks                      
Anca L. Grosu and Simon Spohn


Online registration is closes. Registration on-site is still possilble.


We'd like to invite you to submit an abstract for this event. Your submission may be selected for a poster presentation during the meeting.
The submission deadline is July 12, 2024.

Please send a PDF-file using the following structure to: simon.spohn@uniklinik-freiburg.de and eva.hermann@uniklinik-freiburg.de

1. Introduction
2. Methods
3. Results
4. Conclusions

The abstract should not exceed 250 words.

Conference Venue

Medical Center University of Freiburg
Lecture Hall - Department of Gynaecology

(Location Map - F3)

Hugstetter Str. 55, 79106 Freiburg

Tramlines 2 + 4 - Tram Stop "Robert-Koch-Strasse"



How to reach Freiburg (im Breisgau)

... by Airplane: Freiburg is located in the middle of a dense network of international airports. The nearest international airport, EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg, is only 40 minutes away from Freiburg. Direct connection to Freiburg is provided by the Airport Bus or public transport with transfer in Basel. Frankfurt, one of Europe's largest hubs is only a two hour train ride or car drive away. Trains leave from the airport's long distance train station  to Freiburg at least once every hour.

... by Car: Over the motorway A-5 Frankfurt-Karlsruhe-Basel

... by Train: Freiburg is located on the ICE/Intercity route Frankfurt-Karlsruhe-Freiburg-Basel. Twice an hour, trains from allover Germany or from Switzerland (Zurich/Basel) stop at Freiburg's main train station.

For using the public transport in Freiburg you can find information here.

Special Train Ticket (Deutsche Bahn)

You can use the special arrangement from Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) to travel from any German railway station to Freiburg.

The fare for your one-way ticket (limited availability) to the conference is max.:

One way – specific train

1st Class – 89,90 € (seat reservation incl.)
2nd Class – 55,90 €

One way – fully flexible

1st Class – 112,90 € (seat reservation incl.)
2nd Class – 77,90 €

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Scientific Committee

Medical Center – University of Freiburg
Department of Radiation Oncology

Prof. Dr. Anca-Ligia Grosu & Dr. Simon Spohn


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