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A cordial welcome to the
Department of Prosthetic Dentistry

With over 20 dentists and 40 treatment chairs, the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry in Freiburg is one of the largest university centers for dental prostheses in Europe.

As specialists in our field, together with the three other departmens of the Center for Dental Medicine of the University Hospital Freiburg, we offer you a comprehensive range of services for care at the highest level.

In addition, we make an important contribution to the training of the next generation of dentists within the framework of student teaching. Scientifically, we are working to further develop novel and innovative therapy concepts and materials and to implement them in our clinical care - also in this field, our clinic holds a top position internationally.

Modern and optimal patient care is our focus - we look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Spies


Prof. Dr. Benedikt Spies

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Spies

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