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Prediction of treatment response and outcome in locally advanced rectal cancer using radiomics and deep learning: an example case to demonstrate a general purpose deep-learning-based processing pipeline for image classification Read more

  • Professorin Dr. Ulrike I. Attenberger (Bonn), Professorin Dr. Bettina Baeßler (Würzburg), Professor Dr. Jürgen Hesser (Heidelberg), Professor Dr. Frank Gerrit Zöllner (Heidelberg)

Adipose Tissue Compartments and Changes to Liver Tissue in Association with Prediabetes and Type-2 Diabetes: A Radiomic and Shape-based Analysis in the German National Cohort Read more

  •  Professor Dr. Fabian Bamberg (Freiburg), Privatdozent Dr. Jürgen Machann (München), Professor Dr. Klaus H. Maier-Hein (Heidelberg), Dr. Johanna Nattenmüller (Heidelberg), Professor Dr. Fritz Schick (Tübingen), Privatdozent Dr. Christopher Schlett (Freiburg)

Assessment of organ-specific biological age based on whole body MR data from the German National Cohort MR Study Read more

  • Professor Dr. Sergios Gatidis (Tübingen), Professor Dr.-Ing. Bin Yang (Stuttgart)

Detection, segmentation and characterization of lymph node metastases: an integrated approach using deep learning and radiomic analyses on large scale data Read more

  • Professorin Dr. Bettina Baeßler (Würzburg), Privatdozent Dr. Thorsten Persigehl (Köln)

Diagnostic and prognostic value of coronary artery flow and morphology in a multicentre randomised trial of computed tomography versus invasive angiography: clinical radiomics analysis Read More

  • Professor Dr. Marc Dewey (Berlin), Privatdozentin Dr. Elke Zimmermann (Berlin)

Exploration of the Prognostic Value of Radiomics Analysis and Deep Learning of Coronary Plaques on Computed Tomography for Cardiovascular Events Read more

  • Professor Dr. Marc Dewey (Berlin), Dr. Matthias Rief (Berlin), Dr. Christian Wald (Berlin)

Identification and Characterization of Novel Imaging Biomarkers of Kidney Function and Disease Read more

  • Dr. Elias Kellner (Freiburg), Professorin Dr. Anna Köttgen (Freiburg)

Illustration: Identification and Characterization of Novel Imaging Biomarkers of Kidney Function and Disease

Imaging Biomarkers of Human Skeletal Muscle (Mass, Morphology and Texture Features of Muscle Groups in the Body Trunk, Upper Arm, and Thigh) in Sarcopenia and Cardiometabolic Disease Read more

  •  Dr. Lena Sophie Kiefer (Tübingen), Professor Dr. Fritz Schick (Tübingen), Professor Dr.-Ing. Bin Yang (Stuttgart)

Next-generation image analytics for chemotherapy and survival prediction in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma Read more

  • Privatdozent Dr. Rickmer Früdd Braren (München)

Non-invasive prediction of key molecular alterations and tumor growth dynamics in glioblastoma from MRI Read more

  • Dr. Philipp Kickingereder (Heidelberg), Professor Dr. Klaus H. Maier-Hein (Heidelberg)

Patterns of white matter lesions in the brain: impact of air pollution on the variability of lifetime trajectories Read more

  • Professorin Dr. Svenja Caspers (Jülich), Professorin Dr. Annette Peters (München), Dr. Alexandra Schneider (München)

Potential of Radiomics and AI in the prediction of breast cancer risk and mutation status in high risk patients with confirmed mutation or calculated high risk status (PRo-mics-BrCa) Read more

  • Privatdozent Dr. Christoph Engel (Leipzig), Privatdozentin Dr. Eva Maria Fallenberg (München), Professor Dr.-Ing. Horst Karl Hahn (Bremen), Professor Dr. Michael Ingrisch (München), Professorin Dr. Rita Katharina Schmutzler (Köln)

Predicting individual disease activity in Multiple Sclerosis: Making the informative wealth of white matter lesion imaging clinically accessible Read more

  • Professor Dr. Bjoern Menze (München), Professor Dr. Mark Mühlau (München), Dr. Benedikt Wiestler (München)

A whole body Radiomics approach for outcome prediction in patients with metastatic melanoma undergoing systemic therapy Read more

  • Privatdozent Dr. Thomas Eigentler (Tübingen), Professor Dr. Sergios Gatidis (Tübingen), Jan Hendrik Moltz, Ph.D. (Bremen), Dr. Ahmed Othman (Tübingen)

Radioclinomics for prediction of treatment response to immune checkpoint therapy and molecular targeted therapies in patients with metastatic malignant melanoma Read more

  • Professorin Dr. Lale Umutlu (Essen)

Use of multimodal MRI and amino acid PET radiomics: Clinical applications in Neuro-Oncology Read more

  • Professor Dr. Norbert Galldiks (Köln), Professor Dr. Ulrich Johannes Herrlinger (Bonn), Privatdozent Dr. Philipp Lohmann (Jülich)




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