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from members of the Lab of Stereotaxy and Interventional Neuroscience


Miguel Telega, Lidia; Ashouri, Danesh; Stieglitz, Thomas; Coenen, Volker Arnd; Döbrössy, Máté Daniel

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Coenen, Volker Arnd; Watakabe, Akiy; Skibbe, Henrik; Yamamori, Tetsuo; Döbrössy, Máté; Sajonz, Bastian; Reinacher, Peter; Reisert, Marco

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Miguel Telega, Lidia; Ashouri, Danesh; Stieglitz, Thomas et al.

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Coenen, Volker; Schlaepfer, Thomas E.; Sajonz, Bastian; Reinacher, Peter C.; Döbrössy, Máté et al.

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Ashouri Vajari, Danesh; Ramanathan, Chockalingam; Tong, Yixin et al.

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Döbrössy, Máté; Ramanathan, Chockalingam; Ashouri, Danesh et al.

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Thiele, Stephanie; Sörensen, Arnd; Weis, Jasmin et al.

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Coenen, Volker A.; Schlaepfer, Thomas E.; Sajonz, Bastian; Döbrössy, Máté; Kaller, Christoph P. et al.

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Tomov, Nikola; Surchev, Lachezar; Wiedenmann, Clemens; Döbrössy, Máté; Nikkhah, Guido

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