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Databases - AG Diederichs

From our different research projects, we provide comprehensive and easy-to-use databases to facilitate research and access to our research data for the scientific community. Please share your thoughts - and cite the respective original publications if you use any of our databases.

Databases on non-canonical Mutations in Cancer

SynMICdb provides a comprehensive database on synonymous mutations in human cancer including their frequency, signature-normalized frequency and related tumor entities as well as orthogonal data like evolutionary conservation and impact on secondary RNA structure leading to the SynMICdb score to predict the likelihood of a functional impact of a given synonymous mutation. SynMICdb is based on our publication in Nature Communications 2019.

NonStopdb is the first database devoted to nonstop mutations - a.k.a. stop-loss mutations and comprising nonstop extension and readthrough mutations - which extend a protein at its C-terminus. It is based on our research on nonstop mutations in human cancer and has been published in Nature Cell Biology 2020.

Databases on RNA - Protein Complexes

R-DeeP provides the proteome-wide screening results for RNA-dependent protein complexes based on our paper in Molecular Cell 2019.

RBP2GO provides a comprehensive database of RNA-binding or RNA-dependent proteins from all available proteome-wide studies in 13 different species. It includes the annotation of their functions as well as interaction partners - and allows also reverse searches for RNA-binding proteins with specific molecular functions, biological processes, cellular compartments or a known link to cancer.

This database visualizes the circular RNA expression data derived from our comprehensive transcriptome profiling of human lung cancer cell lines using rRNA-depleted RNA published in Cancers 2020. In addition, it offers search opportunities for circRNAs linked to molecular mechanisms, biological processes or cellular components via gene onotology or for circRNA - microRNA pairs as published in Cancers 2020.

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