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Cannabinoids in the treament of epilepsy

Cannabinoids are used for epilepsy for over 200 years. Over the last 40 years, preclinical studies lead to a better understanding of anticonvulsive mechanisms of different cannabinoids, particularly Cannabidiol. However, clinical trials with Cannabidiol (CBD) were conducted much more recently and are limited to selected epilepsy syndroms.

In the Epilepsy Center Freiburg, we aim to get a better understanding of efficacy and tolerance of Cannabidiol in pharmacoresistent epilepsies in children and adults. Two observational studies are conducted at the moment:

  • Add on therapy with CBD in a 10% oily solution in patients with pharmacoresistent Epilepsy
  • Add on therapy with Epidiolex® in patients with Lennox- Gastaut and Dravet syndrome.

Abteilung Prächirurgische Epilepsiediagnostik


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