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Clinical Pharmacology

Founded in 1984 at the current location of the University Heart Center in Bad Krozingen, the Department of Clinical Pharmacology performs research and service tasks concerning the effect of medicinal products. The department plays an instrumental role in optimizing the medicinal treatment of inpatients and outpatients at the center. It advises doctors administrating medications, realizes joint research projects, and participates in central committees of the Heart Center, such as its Drug Commission.

Patient Care

In line with the department’s medicinal priorities, our advising and optimization of drug treatment focus on questions concerning the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In our chemical analysis laboratory, we regularly measure the blood plasma concentrations of drugs for treating cardiological diseases, selected antibiotics, and drugs for suppressing the rejection reaction after organ transplants. The surgeons receive recommendations on individual dosage of the drugs. For selected drugs, we use special software to calculate the blood level course, taking into account individual dosage and patient-specific symptoms.

The effect of drugs designed to suppress platelet function, which are of critical importance in the aftercare of patients after dilation of the coronary vessels, can be monitored with various laboratory methods. Testing the effectiveness of the prescribed drugs serves in particular to lower the risk of the opened section of the coronary vessels under treatment closing again prematurely.

Furthermore, the department provides a telephone information service on all questions concerning drug treatment. The information service is of course also prepared to answer questions on the interactions and side effects of drugs and on the influence of hereditary factors on the effect and the excretion of drugs.


  • Cardiovascular Hemostasis and Antithrombotic Therapy Working Group (Prof. Trenk)
  • Working Group Dr. Thomas Nührenberg

Clinical Pharmacology

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