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Treatment Techniques and Procedures

Special Interventional / Invasive Treatment Techniques

  • Cryoneurolysis / (cooled) radiofrequency therapy, computer tomography- and fluoroscopy-assisted cold and heat denervation treatment in chronic back pain with disorders of the small vertebral and the iliosacral joints
  • Neuromodulation:
    • Implantation of pump systems for intrathecal therapy (e.g. morphine, baclofen and ziconotide) for severe pain syndromes and spastic disorders
    • Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) as a therapeutic procedure to treat severe, neuropathic pain and blood flow disorders
      • Severe neuropathic pain of the locomotor system
      • Refractory peripheral vascular disease
      • Refractory angina in coronary heart disease
      • Cluster headaches
      • Other therapy-resistant headaches
    • Occipital nerve stimulation
      • Cluster headaches
      • Other therapy-resistant headaches

Special Medication Treatment Procedures

  • Readjustment of drug dosages
  • Withdrawal treatment for overuse of painkillers / opioids
  • Baclofen therapy for chronic migraines

Interdisciplinary Pain Center

Clinic for Tumor biology
Breisacher Str. 117
D-79106 Freiburg

Medical Director

Dr. med. Kristin Kieselbach

Scientific Director

Prof. Dr. Norbert Suedkamp