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Welcome to the Integrated Research Training Group "Immunovirology”

The IRTG Mission Statement

The IRTG “Immunovirology” is a part of the SFB TRR179, "Determinants and dynamics of elimination versus persistence of hepatitis virus infection". The IRTG aims to provide PhD and MD students of TRR179 a tailored and structured qualification programme related to all topics integrated in the TRR179. The programme is dedicated to training and education in techniques and methods in the fields of immunology, virology and cell biology, including aspects of system biology, high resolution and live cell imaging as well as bioinformatics. In addition, the IRTG is instrumental to establish a trans-regional tie connecting all TRR179 PhD students, MD students, Postdocs, fellows and adjunct students at the three partner sites, Heidelberg, Munich and Freiburg as well as between the different scientific disciplines represented within TRR179.

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