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Awards and prizes

2021: Piret Kleis was awarded at the European Neuroscience Conference by Doctoral Students (ENCODS) 2021 for her poster:

"Kleis P, Paschen E, Häussler U, Bernal Sierra YA, Hegemann P, Haas CA: Characterization of a novel potassium channel based optogenetic silencer in vivo."

2017: Prof. Dr. Carola Haas was awarded the "Alfred-Hauptmann-Preis für Epilepsieforschung 2017"

Joint Award of the German and Austrian Societies for Epileptology and the Swiss Epilepsy League

2014: Dr. Julia Ringwald received the Albrecht-Fleckenstein young talent award for her dissertation:

"Kainate-induced synthesis of TIMP-1 regulates the processing of reelin in the epileptic hippocampus"

2014: Matthias Neef was awarded at the 11th European Congress on Epileptology (Stockholm, Sweden) for his poster:

"Neef M, Donkels C, Häussler U, Bechstein M, Kirsch M, Haas CA: Astrocytes pre-activated by ciliary neurotrophic factor show neuroprotective properties in a mouse model of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy. "

2013: Dr. Julia Ringwald was awarded at the Trinational meeting of the German and Austrian Societies for Epileptology, and the Swiss League Against Epilepsy (Interlaken, Switzerland) for her poster:

"Julia Ringwald, Stephanie Tinnes, Carola A. Haas. Tissue Inhibitor of Matrix Metalloproteases-1 (TIMP-1) Impairs Reelin Processing in Experimental Epilepsy."

2012: Dr. Ute Häussler was awarded at the International symposium of the transregional research consortium of the DFG SBF/TR 3 (Bonn, Germany) for her poster:

"Ute Häussler, Markus Marx, Lena Bielefeld, Ulrich Froriep, Jakob Wolfart, Carola A. Haas. Spatially selective changes in neurogenesis relate to the extent of epileptiform activity."

2012: Dr. Matthias Bechstein was awarded by the German Academy of Neurosurgery for his publication:

"Bechstein M, Häussler U, Neef M, Hofmann HD, Kirsch M, Haas CA (2012) CNTF-mediated preactivation of astrocytes attenuates neuronal damage and epileptiform activity in experimental epilepsy. Exp Neurol., 236, 141-150."

Grants and stipends

Travel grants (2022 and 2023)

  • Nicole Barheier: German Neuroscience Society (NWG) for the 15th NWG meeting 2023, Göttingen, Germany
  • Enya Paschen: Int. graduating academy (IGA), University Freiburg for the Int. Winter Neuroscience Conference 2022, Sölden, Austria
  • Nicole Barheier: Hofmann-LaRoche foundation for the FENS Forum 2022, Paris, France
  • Piret Kleis: International League against Epilepsy (ILAE) for the Society of Neuroscience meeting 2022, San Diego, USA


BLBT fellowship

  •  2016-17: Dr. Myriam Peters


Fill in the Gap scholarship

  • 2019: Susanne Tulke, M.Sc.
  • 2017: Catarina Orcinha, M.Sc.
  • 2015: MD student Alix Hubbe
  • 2015: Dipl. Biol. Catharina Donkels


DAAD stipend

  • 2014-17: Catarina Orcinha, M.Sc.