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Technologies for characterization of cardiomyocyte-fibroblast interaction in atrial fibrillation
MSCA-ITN PersonalizeAF
(P. Kohl, U. Ravens, R. Peyronnet) 2020-2024

Perivascular Excitation Tunnelling: a Novel Mechanism of Cardiac Ischaemia-Reperfusion Arrhythmias
(E. Chleilat) 2021-2023

3D Nanoscopy and Nanomechanics linking Molecular Signals to Biophysical Phenotype
Research Project within the Excellence Initiative CIBSS (DFG funded)
(P. Kohl, E. Rog-Zielinska, R. Peyronnet) 2019-2022

ERC Advanced Grant
(P. Kohl)

Electromechanical modulation of cardiomyocytes to fight arrhythmias
Joint Research Project
(U. Ravens, R. Peyronnet) 2019-2021

Electrophysiological remodelling and heterocellular coupling in fibrosis in Fallot's tetralogy
Research Fellowship
(H. Fürniss) 2019-2020